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Jameera (石化甲葉獣 ジャミーラ Sekika Kou You Juu Jamiira?, lit. "Heavily Fossilized Beast Jameera") is an enemy in the Contra series. It is a large, cycloptic alien head that spews fast-traveling projectiles.


Super C[]

While Jameeras don't appear in the original arcade version of Super Contra, they do in Super C, the NES conversion of the game.

The Jameera is a type of stationary and hostile alien which consists of a large, cycloptic head affixed to the ground that functions as a manner of mounted turret inside an aliens' nest. It spews two fast-traveling projectiles in quick succession and may start attacking from a great distance, which may catch players by surprise. They can become very dangerous, as in addition of having to contend with them from the front, the player may also have to deal with fast oncoming Orians from the rearguard.

Only two are encountered in the game, in Alien Area 3, both at the vertical climbing section located midway through the level.

Neo Contra[]

Jameera appear inside the mouths of Bakonga, acting as a sort of "tongue" that awaits for prey to draw near. When it senses a target, Jameera will quickly appear and take a snap at a passerby commando. On occasions, a Jameera will continuously leave its head vulnerable and will fire a set of three spread-like red orbs at a target. Killing a Jameera will also eliminate its associated Bakonga and its nearby protruding eyeballs.

Contra Returns[]

In this game, the player usually has to deal with other enemies such as Orians, Ledders, Grenade Throwers and Greeders while dealing with a Jameera. In this game, these enemies spew three-way indestructible Gels which travel straightforward. If the player approaches the creature, it will attempt to bite them. If the player makes their way to the other side, they will turn back and continue shooting.

Jameeras in this game look more reptilian than xenomorph-like.



Sprites and models[]



  • In Contra: Operation Galuga, the internal name of this enemy is "Giger Turret", likely referencing H. R. Giger, a Swiss artist who was part of the special effects team that worked on the visual designs of the 1979 science fiction horror film Alien, and who was responsible for creating the titular alien itself, whom Jameera has a strong resemblance to.

See also[]

  • Shooting Eye - An enemy with a similar attack pattern and possibly being inspired by this enemy.
  • Turrets
    • Gulcan - A turret that attacks almost identically, although slower.


  1. Internal name from Contra: Operation Galuga.