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Items are in-game pickups from the Contra series.


Items are classified as pickups not representing or relating to weapons. Items can grant Health, Score, or even extra lives. In general cases, Power-up Capsules are obtainable items that grant players a corresponding weapon to utilize.

A wide variety of items have appeared in Hard Corps: Uprising but may have also appeared in other games.


Contra Force[]

A Weapon Power-up replaces the usual Power-up Capsule pick-ups found from Flying Capsules. Weapon-Power-ups are found from inside destroyed environment.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

In Uprising, items generally appear inside treasure chests or certain Power-up Capsule. The black chests are common and hold small medals for scoring/Contra Points. A gold chest is hidden out of view and must be uncovered by a character touching one at its hidden location. Gold boxes contain more rarer items. Picking up identical power-up capsules will result in a player's weapon levelling up, up to twice (resulting in a up to Level 3 weapon).

Aside from the weapon capsules, the following items appear:

Item Description
Life Up
A small capsule granting a player one full bar of Health.
Life Max
Uprising Life Max
A large life box that grants a player a full Health gauge.
Jungle Fruit
Uprising Jungle Fruit
A plant hanging from trees that when detached will fall to the ground and can be picked-up, restoring Health.
Medals come in three different decoration sizes and grant a higher Score/CP when obtained.
Star Medal
Uprising Star Trophy
A hidden trophy. Obtaining one grants the player with a massive score and adds and refills the combo meter. Only one star trophy appears within each stage, and when obtained, will appear on the Stage Select menu for the level it was obtained in. When picked-up, the announcer will simply speak a compliment quote.
Uprising 1-up
This rare item grants a player an extra life stock.