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Hungry Beast (abbreviated HB), formerly known as Kurt Steiner, is a playable character in Contra: Rogue Corps. Once a noted human scientist, Steiner had his brain inserted into a giant cyborg panda bear and now spends most of his time looking for delicious snacks.

He was voiced by Sam Haft.


Member of the Rogue Corps squad.
He was originally a brilliant scientist known as Kurt Steiner, and was working with Dr. Claude Banks on a new weapon for the Army.
For a certain reason, he had to fake his own death, and transplanted his brain in a giant panda cyborg.
This "reincarnation" in this panda body led to some unexpected side effects. He was now more subject to his animal instincts, acting more like a wild animal.
He is now communicating through roars and gestures. While the members of the Rogue Corps can understand perfectly, outsiders have a hard time communicating with him.
Nobody knows if either he really lost the ability to talk, or if he just prefers the way it is now and is just pretending to be dumb.
He likes explosions and karaoke.
~ Description from the official Contra: Rogue Corps website

After General Phoenix fired the untested Vortex Cannon to eradicate the remaining alien forces at the end of the Alien Wars, and which in consequence brought the rise of the Damned City, the general assassinated the President and blamed the Rogue Corps for the murder. The two lead scientists behind the creation of the cannon, Dr. Claude Banks and Dr. Kurt Steiner, were the only ones who witnessed the whole event, so Phoenix had his soldiers to apprehend them and lock them up inside the laboratory, and then ordered them to blow up the building to make their deaths look like an accident.

Making futile attempts to escape, Dr. Steiner's attention was brought up by a talking alien specimen that was held inside a container in the laboratory. The creature negotiated with him that if he set him free, he would teach him a way to get out... although the process could be "slightly" painful. Seeing no other option, the doctor agreed. After the doctor presumably provided the creature with limbs and other mechanical parts, the Gentleman, who was the nickname of this alien, proceeded to remove Dr. Steiner's brain and implanted it inside the body of a cyborg panda bear that was also in the laboratory. The operation was a success and the panda soon gained consciousness through the use of the new organ. The powerful beast then tore up a hole through a wall and both managed to escape the building just as the bomb was about to go off.

Once outside, the duo found themselves trapped in the ruins that comprised the Damned City. Starting to lose hope to escape, the Rogue Corps carrier, The Guillotine, suddenly came to their rescue, and from that day onward, both became members of their force.


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