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The moon in the night skies, the most beautiful.
~ Hummingbird in Contra Returns

Hummingbird is a character and one of the protagonists in Contra Returns.


Shrouded in mystery, no one knows her origins or the source of her ninja skills.
~ In-game description

At the age of three, the girl remembered this sentence. Since then, she has started the harsh and rigorous training of Ninjutsu.

When she was four years old, when the other children looked at the toys and candy in the window, the father gave her a knife. At the age of five, when other children were playing with the dolls, she lurked in the night and learned to bear, six years old. When other children share a small secret at school, she has used the sword to kill the first person.
This sentiment of the ninja to the girl is already the fifty-first generation. Her former name is unknown.


  • "Don't talk, just go quietly."
  • "Just call me 'Hummingbird'."
  • "The moon in the night skies, the most beautiful."
  • "Watch your back."


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