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Not to be confused with Giant Robot.

The Huge Robot (巨大ロボ Kyodai Robo?) is a boss in the Contra series.


Encountered at the end of the Air Combat stage in Contra: Hard Corps, reached by choosing "Rescue the research center" at the end of the first stage.

It reappears in C: The Contra Adventure as the boss of Stage 6, Underground.


A robotic being based on Emperor Demon Gava. It consists of a large, skull-like head and two long robotic arms with assembly claws on them. The arms constantly blink, and its eyes track the player as they move around the room. Its main method of attack consists on building diverse mobile objects from the machines and scrap lying around which then attack intruders. Each constructed device behaves differently depending on its form.


Contra: Hard Corps[]

After an exhilarating fight on the way to the research center, the heroes arrive just in time to save Dr. Geo Mandrake, who informs them that the enemy is after the alien cell. After a short fight, they arrive to the room where the cell was stored, only to find out the containment device has been breached and the cell stolen. The room's exits suddenly shut down, the red lights in the room stop blinking, and an ominous mechanical figure slowly starts descending from the ceiling.

The Huge Robot is a gigantic robot with two large, mechanical arms which it uses to smash the ground and to assemble an assortment of objects with which to attack the player. Each time it smashes the ground, big pieces of blue junk will fall from the ceiling and the monster will then proceed to form a figure with them. The junk pieces can only be destroyed after the figure has been finished (that is, when the pieces become red). The far ends of the room provide safe spots for when the monster smashes the ground. The long, blinking arms of the boss are not lethal, but the boss's hands and body are.

The robot's attacks are as follows, with its junk formations always appearing in the same order:

Attack Description
Fist smash
Contra Hard Corps Huge Robot Hand Slam
The Huge Robot smashes its hands into the ground in an attempt to crush the player. The boss will start the battle with this ground pound in order to spawn junk pieces for it to build. Afterward, it will always attempt this attack after each formation is destroyed, in order to create a new one. The hand smash attack signifies the start of its vulnerability phase.
Vertical scrap tower
Contra Hard Corps Huge Robot Junk Attack 1
Summons five pieces of scrap to construct a large vertical wall of junk in the center of the room. Once fully built, the boss will touch the top of the junk tower ever so gently, causing it to slowly fall toward one side of the room with increasing falling speed in an attempt to crush the player. Which side the tower falls toward is always random, so keep an eye out for which hand will push the tower (the hand on the left side of the screen will make the tower fall toward the right wall and vice versa). If the heroes are in danger of being crushed, they should concentrate fire on the tower immediately and destroy it as quickly as possible before it harms them. Alternatively, it is possible to stand near the bottom of the junk tower and slide toward the other side to safety. when a junk pile hits the floor, the pieces begin to bounce stiffly. The pieces will still contain a tiny bit of horizontal movement as they bounce so it is best to destroy them to put an end to any threat they pose to the heroes.
Walking scrap bits
Contra Hard Corps Huge Robot Junk Attack 2
Summons four pieces of scrap to constructs two separate small towers of junk that "walk" to each side of the room. When a junk pile hits a wall, that junk pile will then walk in the opposite direction.
Bouncing scrap wheel
Contra Hard Corps Huge Robot Junk Attack 3
Summons four pieces of scrap for the boss to construct a junk wheel that bounces around the room. May sometimes bounce high enough to go above the screen before falling back down.
Rocket scrap
Huge Robot Junk Attack 4
Summons five pieces of scrap to construct a 'T' shaped junk pile that flies into the air before falling downward. Somewhat tries to home in on a player, even hugging a surface as it does.
Angry charge
Contra Hard Corps Huge Robot Steam
When a formation is destroyed, the boss glows red with anger and attempts to rush down to the floor to hit the players directly. When it gets too close to the ground, it will quickly rise back up and return to its original color before attempting another smash to call out more junk pieces to build from. A player can avoid being hit by the raging hands by hugging a bottom corner of the room or by staying low around the center of the room (the face shouldn't be able to reach any player in the center so long as the player is idle or crouching).

It is recommended to take out all the junk formations as quickly as possible. Each destroyed pile grants the player with a moderate amount of points, and about every 10-11 formations destroyed by a player will grant said player with an extra life. Though tedious, this is one way to farm for extra lives for the future stages ahead.

The boss itself can only be harmed by shooting it on the head, and only when it is in the middle of forming its junk pieces. If the robot is damaged by weapons fire, it will flash rapidly and cover its face with its hands, while still attempting to build the formation it desires. Its hands do not block bullet fire, however, and its building speed is slightly increased when under damaging weapons fire. Enough damage to the robot will cause it to erupt violently, with its hands falling apart to the ground below. Any junk pieces remaining will also instantly vanish at this time. The robot then soon explodes in a short blinding flash, putting an end to the boss's rampage once and for all.

C: The Contra Adventure[]

In Stage 6, Underground, the Huge Robot reappears under the name of Engineer-Demon Assembly Line Gyaba. It is a wall-mounted machine that consists of a robotic head (weak point) with equally robotic claw arms. The arms frequently block and protect the head, only moving away to build diverse attack devices. The object they build depends on how much damage the boss has received, whether they are sentry bots, barrel inchworms or jetpack turrets, in that order. When a device –or group of devices– is destroyed, another one is immediately built.

When the boss's health reaches below a certain point, it stops building devices and aims its left claw arm at the player for a few seconds before launching it at them. At this point, the boss attaches various arm weapons that attack briefly before being launched at the player. It attaches either a minigun that fires several bullet clusters, a rocket-launching cannon, or a large hammer arm that sends a shock-wave when it smashes on the ground. The boss cycles through these weapons in this order until it is defeated.



  • Big Fuzz - 01

    Big Fuzz from Contra III.

    The Huge Robot resembles Big Fuzz from Contra III: The Alien Wars, likely being Hard Corps's reimagining of him in the same way as several concepts from Contra III inspired various other aspects in Hard Corps. Similarities include both being gigantic robots resembling human skeletons with red glowing eyes and the shape of both boss rooms being nearly identical. Both robots also appear on the North American box art of the respective games they appear in. Also, the stages they are housed in bear similar designs.
  • The Huge Robot and Mother Alien's overall appearance and attack methods in conjunction resemble those of Emperor Demon Gava, being a main central head that remains at the top and two long appendages, one on each side.
    • Furthermore, in C: The Contra Adventure (developed by Appaloosa Interactive and not by Konami), this boss is specifically called "Engineer-Demon Assembly Line Gyaba"; Gyaba being the romanization of ギャバ (Gava).
    • The movement of the dual junk piles from the second junk pile attack is similar to the Stone Orb attack of Searle from Contra III, although unlike Searle's Stone Orbs, these junk piles can be destroyed by weapons fire.
    • During the third junk pile attack, the way the bouncing junk pile moves could be somewhat similar to the bouncing eyes from Searle's eye attack from Contra III: The Alien Wars.
  • An image of the Huge Robot can be seen in the background of the Hard Corps incident's description page from the Data Base of Contra: Shattered Soldier.

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