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Huge Face is a secret boss in Contra: Hard Corps.


In the Junkyard, right before entering the room to fight Noiman Cascade, if the player climbs up the wall in there all the way to the top and off the screen, they will arrive to a secret room where they will meet the Mysterious Character. He will ask them if they want to fight in the Battle Arena; if the player agrees, they will be taken to a crowded fighting arena where they'll fight three bosses in succession: Simondo Belmont, the Psycho Mother and Huge Face.


Huge Face appears to be a mixture of flesh and metal with a fiendish face at the center and steel plates on its sides. It also has a tall fixture attached to its head that may be a device related to its interdimensional portal generation.

In combat, the Huge Face has quick movement. Most of the time throughout the battle, the Huge Face will sway back and forth between the arena walls until it decides to stay idle at the center of the arena for a very brief moment. Immediately when idle, it will rapidly launch one of two attacks:

Attack Description
Gravity Orb

Huge Face Ball
The Huge Face will spew a sinister looking orb from its mouth that will land on either the floor or ceiling. Once the orb hits a surface, it will quickly multiply and extend outward, filling the entire surface with orbs for a brief moment. Climbing the walls before the attack is launched usually provides a safe zone to escape unharmed, though one must be wary of the rapidly moving boss bouncing between the vertical walls.
Homing Missile

Huge Face Spike Missile
The Huge Face will launch six homing spikes from its body. These spikes travel at a fair speed and can be easily destroyed with weapons fire.

During the course of the battle, the Huge Face may escape into an inter-dimensional portal and emerge onto the battlefield through another portal in a different location. These portals have been shown to become very unstable and potentially cause a fold in the time-space continuum, leading to time traveling results. These portals do not appear to harm the player during the battle.

Concentrated firepower on the round body will defeat this boss, while avoiding the quick moving attacks is essential. Once the boss has received extensive damage, it will ignite with explosions surrounding itself, ending the fight. With the heroes victorious, the Huge Face performs an emergency escape by opening up one last portal to retreat into before its demise. As it escapes, the portal it leaves behind stays open, which ends swallowing the heroes, sending them into an unexpected place in time.


  • If the boss is defeated just as it launches its homing spikes, the player may still die from them while the ending scene plays, causing the player to redo the entire stage if they are on their last life.

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