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Hotter than Hell is a music theme originally composed by the Konami Kukeiha Club for Super Contra. It is the background theme for Stage 5, Alien 2. A remixed version later appeared in Contra ReBirth as a boss theme.


  • In Super C for the Commodore Amiga, which is a more direct conversion of the original arcade version of Super Contra, "Hotter Than Hell" appears as the title and intro theme of the game, as well as the background theme for the Alien 1 stage, instead of the background theme for the Suspicious Face miniboss fight like it does in the arcade version.


Title Game Stage Audio Usage
Hotter Than Hell Super Contra (arcade) Alien 2 Suspicious Face miniboss fight
Hotter Than Hell Super C (NES) Alien Area 1 BGM
Hotter Than Hell Super C (Amiga) Title screen
Alien 1
Title theme
Hotter Than Hell Contra ReBirth Satellite Warzone
Hollow Netherworld
Red Falcon Megalith
Space Centipede boss fight (final form)
Animate Statue boss fight
Gava boss fight
Throwing a Few Rocks Contra: Operation Galuga Alien Hive BGM


  • In Contra ReBirth, this theme is named "bsa" in the internal files, which is short for "boss a".