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The Highway Spider (ハイウェイスパイダー Haiu~Eisupaidā?) is a recurring miniboss in the Contra series. It is a mechanical mobile weapon shaped like an insect that can move at high speed along any surface.


Contra: Hard Corps[]

Encountered in the tunnel section of the High Speed Fight stage, the Highway Spider makes its entrance by clinging from the tunnel's ceiling and then skids along its wall until it comes to ground level, where it starts crawling at great speed behind the player. After performing its initial attack, it will reposition itself in front of the player for yet another attack; then repeat these two patterns until it has sustained enough damage, forcing it to alternate between two newer attacks until finally destroyed. The robot isn't particularly resilient, though, and it will soon succumb if the player consistently keeps firing at it.


Picture Details
Highway Spider Attack 1
From where it starts, the Highway Spider will position itself behind the player and begin firing four plasma shots (one at a time) which must be jumped over.
Highway Spider Attack 2
After unleashing its first attack, the Highway Spider will reposition itself in front of the player and launch six bouncing plasma balls in a steady pattern. These balls bounce at a somewhat high distance, so the player is required to drive carefully underneath them to avoid taking damage. Jumping over them is also possible, although not recommended, as the balls' bouncing is rather high.
Alternatively, one can actually be directly in front of the Spider without taking damage and jump right before a plasma ball is fired to avoid being rammed by the machine's head. While this will avoid the balls, it won't avoid the Spider itself, so proper timing is required to know when jumping is needed.
Contra Hard Corps Highway Highway Spider
After enough damage is inflicted upon it, the Highway Spider will climb back to the tunnel's wall and start spin around its retractile mechanical claw before launching it on the road, causing it to bump along the ground from right to left. The player must safely navigate in between the gaps to avoid taking damage.
After avoiding the claw attack, the Highway Spider will go into a frenzy and begin to move all around the tunnel in a somewhat predictable arcing pattern for a set amount of time before coming to a complete halt and centering itself on the roof of the tunnel once more. The player should then simply continue with concentrated fire while carefully avoiding ramming into the machine.

Contra Returns[]

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  • Despite its name, it resembles more a large beetle than a spider.