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High Speed Tank Booby (高速戦車 ブービー号 Kōsoku Sensha Būbī-gō?) is a miniboss in Contra III: The Alien Wars. Despite having the appearance of a heavy, lumbering tank, it is a fast vehicle that launches guided missiles.


An aerodynamic tank capable of traveling at very high speeds. It enters the screen shortly after the initial tunnel section of the Air Battle stage, as the player is fending off Jet Soldier troops while riding on a jet motorcycle.

The tank will launch guided missiles at the player, which in conjunction with the flying enemy units, may overwhelm the player(s) with all the number of projectiles onscreen at a time. The missiles can be destroyed in midair, though, so the player should plan on firing with weapons that cover a wide range in order to keep the flying soldiers at bay, destroy any oncoming missiles, and damage the tank at the same time. Only one missile is fired at a time, and the tank's firing interval is not too quick. Using the default Rifle, a player should hang on the left corner of the screen and continue fire, avoiding the Necroid's bullets with jumps when possible. With the Weapon Capsule at the start of the stage; the Crush Gun can eliminate the tank much quicker, while the Spread Gun is useful for handling the swarms of Necroids while simultaneously damaging the tank.

The tank is worth 280 points. Once the tank has been destroyed, the Jet Soldiers will also stop appearing and the next section of the level will continue. No points are awarded for Necroids eliminated by the tank's destruction.


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