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Hideyuki Umezu (梅津 秀行 Umezu Hideyuki?) (July 24, 1955 – May 17, 2024) was a Japanese actor who specialized in voice acting.

He voiced Bart Freeman in Contra 3D.


Graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Mr. Umezu said that if he hadn't become an actor, he would have become a dentist.

The catalyst for starting acting was when a friend attending Waseda University expressed the desire to start acting and asked him to find a theatre club together. He found and joined the theatre group "Kiryu" at the same university. His friend later left the group.

Through connections, he began appearing in period dramas and pursued a career as an actor. As his roles in period dramas gradually became more significant, he received his first speaking role. Soon he realized that he hadn't studied acting, so he enrolled in an actor training school and then joined the NHK Actors Seminar to study film acting. There, he was encouraged to enroll in the voice acting program due to his experience in period and contemporary dramas.

After gaining experience as a teaching assistant, he was told about voice acting opportunities and made his voice acting debut in 1982 as Dr. Hyblow in the television anime Cybot Robotchi.

Umezu went on to work with NPS Theatre Arts Vision, and eventually joined 81 Produce.

He died from interstitial pneumonia on May 17, 2024, at the age of 68.


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