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The Hellrider (ヘルライダース Heruraidāsu?) is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. They are enemy soldiers that ride on hoverbikes and attack either by shooting a barrage of bullets from the mounted miniguns on their vehicles or by throwing explosives at the player.


Alien robot soldiers that ride on hoverbikes and attack either by shooting from the mounted minigun on their vehicles or by throwing grenades at the player.


Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

A group of 25 Hellriders are the first enemies encountered in the initial tunnel section of the Air Battle stage. The fight commences with their leader catching up as Bill and Lance are riding their own hoverbikes through a highway's tunnel, and instructs his squad to attack. The troop then proceeds to accelerate and take positions in front of the heroes; each soldier then lowers his speed and slowly moves toward the rear, passing above the heroes: the troops with a slightly tilted hoverbike will fire their mounted minigun diagonally downward toward the road, and those that fly their hoverbike straight will not, but instead toss an incendiary grenade straight down at the heroes when they're directly above them. The Leader (in black armor) is never encountered again and cannot be harmed during his initial appearance.

Each hoverbike is somewhat resilient and it will most likely take more than one shot of concentrated fire to put it down. Using a weapon that has a wider range of attack, such as the Homing Gun or the Spread Gun, might be a better choice for fighting these enemies. In any case, once all Hellriders have taken their turn, the next section of the level will start, regardless of how many were killed (if any). Each Hellrider has 8 HP and is worth 7030 points; easily granting a player two extra lives if many of them were eliminated (or three, if a Continue was used and all Hellriders were eliminated).

Contra 4[]

Called the Robot Bike Unit in this game, they are a variation of the Reaper troops. They only appear during the Crustacean Cruiser boss fight to escort and support this carrier beast during its charge through the ruins of a city. They attack either by shooting their firearms upward (blue units) or by lobbing grenades (red units) at the player. Fortunately, the player can use these enemies to their advantage, as each time a soldier is shot down, he will leave his hoverbike behind for the player to ride on it, and thus have a better shot at the Crustacean Cruiser's head.




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