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Hayanos 614 (護衛用2足歩行型兵器・ハヤノス 614 Goei-yō 2 Sokuhokō-gata Heiki Hayanosu 614?, lit. "Bipedal Escort Weapon Hayanos 614") is the fifth and final boss in Operation C. He is a large android and personal guard of Black Viper.


Hayanos 614 is a super-powered android and Black Viper's personal guard. He is the last boss of the game.

His armor features two jetpacks around his shoulders which grant him flying capabilities. This device can also rise to reveal a missile launcher on the back. In addition, his arms can be sent flying like missiles, which will return and reattach to him after a moment.

At the beginning of the encounter, Hayanos will take flight and dash to the other side of the room, from where he'll launch four missiles from the compartment on his back. The missiles are launched upward, trace an arc, and then crash onto different spots on the ground, creating wide explosions as they land, so the player is advised to stay away from the boss and perform a well-timed jump over the last missile's blast. The boss will then dash back to the opposite side of the room and repeat the attack.

Once he has sustained enough damage, Hayanos will add another attack to his repertoire, now launching both his arms as a manner of missiles; these will swoop near the ground and cling onto the ceiling while he continues his missile attacks. After a moment, the arms will detach and make another swoop as they return to their owner. In both cases, the player must jump to avoid the projectiles, or go prone at the opposite corner from Hayanos' position, while keeping an eye on the boss's other attacks.

After sustaining enough damage, Hayanos 614 will explode and the player will be granted access to the next chamber, where Black Viper, now completely defenseless, awaits.





  • His name was possibly inspired by Yukari Hayano, one of the programmers of the game.

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