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An elite soldier of the Federation Tribe who acts in tandem with Bahamut. He is a veteran soldier who stands by Bahamut and his abilities. He often looks for the fun and beauty of battle even though he does not like violence.
~ In-game description

Harley Daniels is one of the main protagonists in Hard Corps: Uprising.


A bike-riding soldier sporting an extreme pompadour hairstyle. Harley has an extremely solid and confident personality; nothing can stop him as he loves to rock things up on the battlefield. His story script portrays his inner thoughts and emotions on the current battle experiences at hand, while it is also hinted that he would one day write a book once the war against the Commonwealth Empire is all over.[1]

He was chosen as the Federation Tribe's elite soldier to assist with the assassination operation of Emperor Tiberius. Under the orders of the Union Tribe's best soldier Bahamut, Harley worked alongside Sayuri (the Republic Tribe's candidate) and Krystal to commence with the overthrow of Tiberius and the Commonwealth Empire.


For a full list of Harley Daniels's power-ups, see Harley Daniels/Customize List.

Harley Daniels is playable via DLC. He initially starts with 10% out of 100% upgrades available, the highest base minimum of upgrades unlocked out of all playable characters. Harley's walking movement is slightly slower than that of other characters, though this can be somewhat remedied by Dashing. What he lacks in ground mobility, he makes up for in endurance by having four Health Bars.

Official data[]

Japanese description (translated)
An elite soldier of the Federation Tribe who works with Bahamut.
Although a veteran, he recognizes Bahamut's abilities.
He finds joy and beauty in battle. His pet peeve is violence.


  • "I'm tough!" - Character Select





  • His name likely comes from Harley-Davidson, an American motorcycle manufacturer, and Jack Daniel's, a renown brand of whiskey. This possible reference is further supported as these two brands are often associated with the "biker" stereotype, which Harley Daniels parodies.
  • His second alternate costume (white clothes), combined with his hairstyle, gives off the slight resemblance of Elvis Presley.
  • His sixth alternate costume (black jacket) bears a slight resemblance to the T-800 from The Terminator franchise.


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