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You stubborn buffoon(s)! Prepare to die!
~ Bahamut after the heroes refuse to join him.

Missile is a stage in Contra: Hard Corps.


Knock, knock! Our hero(es) bust in through the front door and are greeted by a swarm of soldiers. Blasting through, they take to climbing the rails over a large bottomless pit, carefully avoiding the three turrets placed. Back on ground, our hero(es) are soon blocked by more swarming soldiers, only this time, they show of their Olympic style teamwork! Finally made it through? Well, someone is impressed! Colonel Bahamut decides to 'persuade' you to joining his team. Well, you've come this far, might as well finish the job! Of course, did you expect the Colonel to go down without a fight?

In a last attempt to enact revenge upon the world, the Colonel decides to fire off a missile, with the Alien Cell in it! No way our hero(es) are going to let that happen! No time to disarm it, so jump on! While riding one of the smaller sub-missiles, it appears an old enemy would like to settle the score amid this crisis. Once the enemy is taken care of, look out! The sub-missiles are malfunctioning and are falling back to Earth (safely of course)! Thankfully, our hero(es) catch up to the main, giant missile housing the Alien Cell. But beware, there are quickly eroding cracks in the outer wall of the missile, and Alien contaminants as well as insect-like parasites are leaking out! Climb to the top and put an end to this madness once and for all!


Zako Soldier
Ledder - 12
Zako Soldier (armed)
Turret - 01
Rotary Battery
Alien Slug
Alien Slug


Gymnastic Team 3
Gymnastics Soldier Team
Colonel Bahamut Arm Thrust (Sprite)
Colonel Bahamut
(300 HP)
Deadeye Joe Jetpack
Deadeye Joe
(40 HP)
Alien Cell Rocket Worm (Sprite)
Alien Cell Rocket Worm
Hard Corps Alien Centipede (Sprite)
Alien Centipede


Alien Cell - Hard Corps - 01
Alien Mounted Missile


  • Bahamut: "I didn't think you'd make it. You have ruined my plans! But a warrior as strong and brave as you is deserving of praise! I have been looking for a soldier such as you for a long time! Join with me! The world is waiting for people such as you and I to lead them!"
  • Bahamut: "You stubborn buffoon! Prepare to die!"

When Bahamut is defeated:

  • Bahamut: "'ve beaten me...but this will be no victory for you! When I die, a missile armed with the Alien Cell will take off. You will see the world burn in the flames of hell...uhhhhhhhh"

Screen fades out to black, an image is displayed, showing the player character(s) with Colonel Bahamut in the back and a burned city with the following text:

  • "And thus, the most evil dictator of all time was born. And mankind was propelled into a long age of darkness and gloom."

Regional differences[]

  • In Probotector (MD), Colonel Bahamut's face is changed to an alien head.
  • Colonel Bahamut's opening dialogue has been removed. As such, the option to join him was removed as well.
  • In the text proceeding after the fight with the Alien Master, "The Alien Cell" was changed to "A Doomsday device".


  • The checkpoint is at the beginning of the missile portion of this stage.



Description Audio
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 6b and Stage 6c #1 - Guillotine.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 1 - A Spirit of Bushi.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 5 and Stage 6c #2 - GTR Attack!.
Theme of Hard Corps Mini Bosses - JB303.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 1 - A Spirit of Bushi.
Theme of Hard Corps Final Boss - Last Springsteen.


  • This stage is listed as Stage 09 under Stage Select.
  • The missile silo seen at the start of the second half of the stage bears a similar design as the Alien's Main Base crater at the end of Contra III: The Alien Wars. Both also appear in a desert area, seen in the background.
  • If the player chooses to agree, they are "rewarded" with a small cutscene with dialogue which ultimately results in a Game Over.
  • During the Bahamut fight, it is possible to glitch him into invincibility, forcing a restart of the console.
  • Player 2's ending images in the good ending are mirrored from Player 1's. This is the only ending to mirror images based on player slot, instead of reusing the same images for both players.
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