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Big Battle is one of the final stages in Contra: Hard Corps.


Apparently, some kind of secret research laboratory. Once again, the heroes bust through the front doors and prepare to confront their enemies head-on once and for all!


Alien - 01
Alien x 5


Spear Sphere - 01
Crab the Joe
Doctor Spider - 01
Doctor Spider


Bahamut Overdrive - 01
Bahamut Overdrive


Contra: Hard Corps[]

Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 01
At the base of the second ramp upward, immediately at Doctor Spider's room's exit.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 02
Halfway past the entrance to the stage.
At the base of the second ramp upward, immediately at Doctor Spider's room's exit.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 04
Halfway past the entrance to the stage.
Hyper Shell - Hard Corps - 03
Halfway past the entrance to the stage.

Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX[]

Laser - Contra III - 01
Halfway near the entrance
Spread Gun - Contra III - 01
Halfway near the entrance
Homing Gun - Contra III - 01
*Halfway near the entrance,
*beginning of the second ramp hall immediately after Doctor Spider.
Crush Gun - Contra III - 01
beginning of the second ramp hall immediately after Doctor Spider.


- Deadeye Joe: (enters laughing in a large red pod) "The time has come for you to meet your maker! Let's go!" (SFX: "Die!", enters machine and battle commences)

After hero(es) are victorious

- Hero(es): (machine explodes, ejecting Deadeye Joe, who is now kneeling and breathing heavily) "You've lost. now give it up!"
- Deadeye Joe: Ugh!
- Bahamut: (enters riding a hover platform, laughing) "Worthless fool! I do not have time for losers like him!" (lowers the hover platform rapidly, crushing Deadeye Joe, obliterating him.)
- Hero(es): "You treacherous scum!"
- Bahamut: "Meet me on the top floor for the ultimate battle!" (hovers away laughing)

Heroes pursue, entering a room occupied by Bahamut and a tied-up Doctor Geo Mandrake, R.A.V.E. plays

- Dr. Mandrake: "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Colonel, please stop!"
- Bahamut: "Why? You should see the damage that your research has done!" (fires a blue energy ball at the doctor.)
- Dr. Mandrake: "N...N..NNNNOOOOOO!!!" (Bahamut hovers away, leaving a downed Dr. Geo to soon mutate and battle the hero(es).)

Once the Hard Corps reach the top room:

- Bahamut: "I must admit that I am shocked that you have made it this far! But it seems you are too late. My plans have been realized. I've joined my spirit with the corporeal qualities of the Alien and in the process created the ultimate super-being!!!" (rises up in the air with lightning swirling around him, a flash of light occurs, revealing a transformed Bahamut. He lands and a battle ensues)

After Bahamut receives enough damage:

- Bahamut: (grasps head, shakes violently) "Ugh! Too much power! Can't maintain...EEAAHH!!!" (transforms into monstrous second form, continues battle)


Regional differences[]

  • In Probotector (MD), there's no dialogue in this entire stage. Because of this change, this stage's bosses are slightly edited overall:
    • No one comes out of Crab the Joe; therefore, it's unknown if this version is even being piloted at all.
    • Doctor Spider is already standing in the room when the boss fight starts, although the door behind it weirdly opens and closes immediately before the Spider starts moving.
  • Colonel Bahamut's face is once again changed to an alien face.
  • Due to sprite design changes, CX-3's ears do not animate.
  • Like the other endings, Contra: Hard Corps is changed to Probotector.

Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX[]

Note: Other than gameplay mechanics and the noted differences below, this stage is identical to Probotector's.
  • The background isn't fully animated, possibly due to hardware limitations. The background's additional parts are in a still horizontal plane as the background moves leftward.
  • Some bosses' attack patterns are either incomplete, completely removed, or changed entirely.
    • Crab the Joe no longer retracts and spins its legs around the room when one of them is destroyed. It is interesting to note that in the review prototype, it retained its attack pattern from Contra: Hard Corps. Its attack pattern was likely dummied down in the final build due to game difficulty.
    • Doctor Spider enters the room from the right door, hanging on the ceiling. If the player loses to him, they must start at the beginning of the stage.
    • Colonel Bahamut is already transformed into Bahamut Overdrive when the player reaches him.
    • In the second phase of Bahamut Overdrive's boss fight, Bahamut's body no longer inflicts damage, only the neck and head portions do. His jumps during this phase are also much slower.
    • The mound of floating heads no longer react to the player's shots and instead they now have a set pattern when expanding. Also, instead of the entire base exploding, when the heads are defeated, they leave behind one small explosion that soon fades out the stage (clearing the stage).






Description Audio
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 6b #1 - Guillotine.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 1 - A Spirit of Bushi.
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 6a Mini-Boss and Stage 6b #2 - Alien's Den.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 2, Stage 5d #1 and Stage 6b #3 - R.A.V.E.
Theme of Hard Corps Final Boss - Last Springsteen.


  • This stage is listed as "Stage 11" under Stage Select.
  • There is a checkpoint after each boss (except the final boss). In Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX, the checkpoint before Doctor Spider was removed.
  • At the second ascending ramp, if one goes up a ramp long enough but not completely into the next area, and then goes back to the left side, they will receive pitfall damage. Also, if a checkpoint was used to start at the top of the first ascending ramp (the one after Crab the Joe but before Doctor Spider), the player can immediately walk back and receive pitfall damage. Both instances are due to the ramp leading too close to the ground.
  • This stage makes numerous references to Castlevania:
    • Colonel Bahamut moves his cape in a somewhat similar fashion as Dracula does, most notably the latter's first form when performing his teleporting projectile attack.
    • The players must walk up a large ascending walkway toward the final boss/main antagonist housed at the top floor of the lair in a similar manner as in most Castlevania titles, right before facing Dracula, who is usually the final boss awaiting the hero's arrival at the top of his castle.
    • The final boss starts the battle off in a humanoid form before transforming into a large and monstrous second form.
    • Bahamut's base seen from the outside slightly resembles Dracula's Castle. Furthermore, the ending of this stage emulates the classic 'castle crumbling while the hero stares at a distance' ending from the Castlevania series.
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