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Infiltrate the enemy base which is controlled by alien cells and solve the mystery.
~ Instruction booklet description

Alien Space is a stage in Contra: Hard Corps.


With our hero(es) escaping the previous trap, they proceed (with a grand entrance) into Colonel Bahamut's headquarters! Surprised, the Colonel reveals his plans to turn the Alien Cell into the ultimate bio-weapon. Unfortunately for him, he's all out of resources and professional assistance. As a result, the Alien Cell has just broken free and is now overrunning the entire headquarters and transforming it into an alien nest!

With everyone running away, our heroes give chase! They proceed into the newly-created aliens' nest to not only destroy the Alien Cell along with its rebirthed spawn, but also to prevent the possible resurrection of the Mother Alien!


Zako Alien
Bundle - 02
Wadder - Hard Corps - 01
Poisonous Insect Gel - 02
Poisonous Insect Gel
Bugger - 05
Barongar - 01


Gebolien - 01
Java - 07
Kimkoh - 11
Shadow Beast Kimkoh


Hard Corps Mother Alien (sprite)
Mother Alien
Hard Corps Gomeramos King Eye
Alien Heart (final Boss)


Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 01
Immediately after Kimkoh -or- at the start of the Checkpoint.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 02
Past Gebolien.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 03
Immediately after Kimkoh -or- at the start of the Checkpoint.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 04
Past Gebolien.
Hyper Shell - Hard Corps - 03
Immediate start of the stage.


- Hero(es): You can't run any further, Colonel Bahamut!
- Bahamut: A bit more time and I would've created the ultimate bio-weapon!
- Soldier: (door opens, soldier runs in and salutes, then speaks panicked) Terrible news! The alien cell has broken free! It's running amok and threatening the entire headquarters!
- Bahamut: (shocked) What? It was stupid to proceed without the doctor. (everyone then runs)

Colonel Bahamut is not seen again until the end of the stage, aboard a chopper vehicle

- Bahamut: (heroes escape the Alien Base) It looks like I lost this time. But, I will be back. Next time we meet, the outcome will be far different. Ha! Ha!
- Hero(es): (Bahamut rises into the sky) Ha! I'll (We'll) take you on anytime!

Regional differences[]

  • In Probotector (MD), there's no opening cutscene or dialogue. The stage starts immediately.
  • The downed Zako Soldiers are changed into alien eggs resembling Eggrons.
  • In both the ending and post-credits scene, Colonel Bahamut's face is changed into an alien head.
    • Because of these changes, it's implied that this stage belongs to Colonel Bahamut as his alien headquarters.
  • During the ending dialogue, if two players are present, the dialogue will still say "I'll take you on anytime!" instead of "We'll take you on anytime!".





Description Audio
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 6a #1 - Moonlit Army.
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 6a #2 - The Foggy Cave in the Darkness.
Theme of Hard Corps Mini Bosses - JB303.
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 6a Mini-Boss - Alien's Den.
Theme of Hard Corps Final Boss - Last Springsteen.


  • This stage is listed as Stage 10 under Stage Select.
  • This stage resembles the alien stages from past Contra titles, especially the Probotector variant.
  • This stage contains the only ending in which Colonel Bahamut stays alive (aside from the secret and side game over endings).
  • The room where the Mother Alien is encountered in could be a reference to the 1986 science fiction horror film Aliens, where Ellen Ripley discovers the xenomorph Queen in a room filled with the Queen's eggs. Coincidentally, this event occurs near the end of the film, and the battle with the Mother Alien occurs near the end of the game (for this route).
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