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Bahamut: (a TV screen displaying Bahamut's face appears in front of the detained heroes) Welcome to my headquarters. Is it pleasing to you

Hero: You can drop the smirk. We're gonna trash this place!

Bahamut: There is no need for that. Unfortunately for you, my plan is in its final stages. I have transferred all functions to this space station. The headquarters is of no more use. It will soon be detonated.

Soldier: But Colonel, you can't...

Bahamut: Ha! Your existence means less than nothing to me, you flea! Farewell. We'll not meet again! (The TV disperses, with the entire room exploding. The troopers flee to the right, with the standard guard tossing the prisoner's weapons in a panic. The heroes raise their arms and acquire their firearms, then proceed right into the next room.)

<next room>

(A massive army of fleeing soldiers head toward the right. Doctor Geo Mandrake piloting his Mach 777 soon enters from the left)

Dr. Geo: (raising fist) Don't move! This is what happens to cowards like you!

(The machine charges energy and unleashes a radioactive blast on the floor. The doctor flies off, with the fleeing Zako all mutating into alien hybrid. The camera scrolls left, revealing the hero(es) coming out from a massive wave of fire that is gradually chasing them down.)

<At the top of the space station>

Bahamut: (laughs for a few seconds) You've done very admirably! But you're too late! I've used the Alien Cell to create Big Magnum! He will reduce the planet to charred cinders!

(The cannon in the background fires, unleashing a powerful mega-atomic blast. The blast disappears out of sight, then a large round explosion is seen impacting Earth.)

Hero(es): I'll/We'll stop you!

<after Big Magnum is defeated, the space station begins exploding, and seconds before its incineration, one last message can be seen spoken>

Colonel Bahamut: Ugh! Just one more step and I would have been a god!


Singleplayer/Player 1: