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Military Train is a stage in Contra: Hard Corps.


To access this stage, the following decisions must be made:

  1. "Rescue the Research Center"
  2. "Surrender and fight later"

In a surprising turn of events, Deadeye Joe comes to bust our hero(es) out of their incarceration. Now fully armed, our hero(es) blast through the waves of soldiers to escape into the outside! But there are more dangers outside as well! While climbing through the outside of the train, beware the bikers on the streets, train pursuit! After dealing with a trick cannon, one more robot appears to make sure that train is stopped... with you in it!


Zako Soldier
Ledder - 12
Zako Soldier (armed)
Bike Soldier - 01
Bike Soldier


Pulley Gunner Bros. - 01
Pulley Gunner Bros.
Final Count Gun - 01
Final Count Gun


Yokozuna - 01
Powered Ninja Yokozuna


Contra: Hard Corps[]

Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 01
At the start of the stage,
At the start of the hanging bar car.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 02
At the start of the hanging bar car.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 04
At the start of the stage.

Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX[]

Laser - Contra III - 01
At the start of the stage.
Spread Gun - Contra III - 01
At the start of the stage.
Homing Gun - Contra III - 01
At the start of the hanging bar car.
Crush Gun - Contra III - 01
At the start of the hanging bar car.


- Hero(es): "He even has a military train. . ."
- Deadeye Joe: (Door explodes) "You are pathetic! Take these and get out!" (tosses firearm(s) toward hero(es))
- Hero(es): "Huh. . .?"
- Deadeye Joe: "Don't misunderstand. I am only freeing you in order to destroy you. I will be there to watch you draw your last breath! ! !" (jumps away)

- Hero(es): "He even has a military train. . ."
- Air Police pilot: (Door explodes) "I've come to help you out! You can escape with these. Here!"

Version differences[]

Regional differences[]

  • In Probotector (MD), Deadeye Joe doesn't bust the heroes out of incarceration. Instead, a random Air Police unit with a unique sprite rescues them.
  • All Zako units were changed into a robotic appearance (although the Bike Soldier remained unaltered for some reason).

Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX[]

In the Game Boy Advance port, the level begins with the player fully armed on the train and blasting their way through the car from a door-less room through a hall full of enemies. Also, this conversion of the stage instead of playing "Something Wonderful" as its background theme and "GTR Attack!" as its boss theme, it retains the original music tracks from the Destroyed Highway top-view stage from Contra III and plays "Megalopolis" as the background theme and "Bloody Storm" as the boss theme.






Game Title Audio Usage
Contra: Hard Corps Something Wonderful BGM
GTR Attack! Boss theme
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX Megalopolis BGM
Bloody Storm Boss theme


  • This stage is listed as Stage 07 under Stage Select.
  • The checkpoint is at the platform of the hanging bar car, past the Pulley Gunner Bros.'s train car.
  • When the door is destroyed, all soldiers (including the door guard) are instantly killed as well. Soldiers defeated this way do not grant any points to players.
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