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Trap is a stage in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a fairly simple stage created solely for the purpose of story progression.


Continuing on with the hunt for Colonel Bahamut, our hero(es) fall victim into a trap! They now have two options: Fight to the end, or surrender and fight later.

Should our hero(es) stand and fight, Doctor Geo decides to use you as food for his experiments! Show his creatures what bullets taste like! Once the doctor's machine is out of commission, our hero(es) resume the hunt for Colonel Bahamut.





- Bahamut: This is the end for you! (background opens up, revealing 13 cannon soldiers)
- Hero(es): Damn! A trap!
- Dr. Geo: Just as we planned, Colonel.
- Hero(es): Doctor! What's going on!
- Bahamut: Just as you can see, the doctor has been "assisting" us.
- Dr. Geo: I am sick and tired of this weakling government! Having obtained something as magnificent as the Alien Cell. They squander the opportunity by locking it away in a vault! The Colonel feels as I do, and will help me achieve my plans. Now I can carry on with my own dark experiments!
- Hero(es): Why you treacherous little...
- Bahamut: Well doctor, I will leave the rest up to you. (Colonel Bahamut leaves)
- Dr. Geo: There is no way to escape. You must surrender peacefully.
- Dr. Geo: (if surrendered) Ha! Ha! Ha! Take them!
- Dr. Geo: (if fighting) You poor fool(s). Now you will be prey for my experiments! (the room floor drops to the basement)

Regional differences[]

  • In Probotector (MD), Colonel Bahamut's face is edited to an alien head.
  • Almost all dialogue has been removed (this includes the intro dialogue. The wall opens up after the laugh ends).
  • Dr. Geo Mandrake (as well as his betrayal) is edited out. Because of this, all of his remaining dialogue is now spoken by 'Colonel Bahamut'.
  • The first word spoken by the heroes is changed to "Oh no!"



Description Audio
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 3 Mini Bosses - JB303.
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 3 Mini Bosses and Boss 4 - Format X.


  • This stage is listed as Stage 06 under Stage Select.
    • If entered using Level Select, when the stage is cleared, the player(s) will be taken to the Alien Space stage by default.
  • Technically, this is the only mandatory stage that can be skipped without any action except making a choice decision.
  • If one pauses the game, half a soldier will be missing. This is because of the amount of sprites onscreen. In co-op, one whole soldier will also disappear. When Colonel Bahamut starts to walk out of the room, this no longer occurs (solo), or one whole soldier will still disappear (co-op). When Bahamut is completely gone, this no longer occurs.
    • In Probotector, 3/4 of a soldier will disappear, leaving only its legs (co-op).
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