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Battle Arena (バトルコロシアム Batoru Koroshiamu?, lit. "Battle Coliseum"), also known as Battle Stadium, is a hidden stage in Contra: Hard Corps.


The Battle Arena is a shady fighting arena located above Noiman Cascade's control room under the Junkyard. Little is known about this area, except for the fact that unknown participants are rumored to fight each other for fame, glory and riches.

The hero(es) can decide to detour through their mission and enter here to "make a quick buck".

This is the only stage without a single power-up. If the player loses all lives here, they will be forced to start at the beginning of the gauntlet with only their default gun (which makes winning all fights difficult), or end the current game.



Simondo Belmont - 03
Simondo Belmont
Psycho Mother - 02
Psycho Mother
Warp Bomber - 01
Huge Face


Battle Arena/Script


According to an interview, this "Hidden Stage" was added late into the game's development, during the game's final bug check. The project boss was shocked to see this, though the staff told him it was "just a hidden thing and not a big deal". The hidden stage was then allowed to be kept into the game.[1]



Title Audio Location
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 3 Secret Mini Boss and Ending - Simon 1994RD. First boss enemy,
secret ending credits roll.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 1 - A Spirit of Bushi. Second boss enemy.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 3 - JB303. Third boss enemy.
Jurassic Dope (during Ending cutscene) When meeting Mysterious Character,
intro of the secret ending.


  • This stage is registered as Stage 13 under Stage Select.
  • If only one player reaches the destruction of the last boss (which automatically activates the ending sequence), the ending will display the surviving hero in a chair with a female monkey sitting in the adjacent seat (which chair depends on the player's slot: Player 1 sits on the left chair and Player 2 sits on the right chair). Each character reacts to this situation differently. If two players reach the ending sequence, both characters will sit upon their respective seats.
  • Although normally unseen, when the player is sucked inside the wormhole, they perform their "holding on a wall" sprite inside the hole. In Browny's case, he simply hovers for a bit inside the wormhole before falling back down to the floor before the fade to white completes. This is due to his small size being unable to grab the unseen wall.
  • Just before the cutscene fades to white, it is possible to still fire weapons before the scene finishes.


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