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Break through the jungle hiding the enemy, and find their secret base.
~ Instruction booklet description

Jungle is the fourth stage in Contra: Hard Corps.


With information 'extracted' from the hacker, our heroes' next mission is to find the enemy base deep within the jungle.[1]

Start by trekking through the swarms of angry mutant Ukkis! A stone statue, watch out for the falling head! Take out the seven Wing Lizards nesting! Continuing on with the dangerous safari tour, a bridge that leads to... wait, what's that behind the waterfall? Oh no, the bridge is collapsing! What luck, ride the dinosaur's long neck, but watch out for the six Dumplings, and whatever you do, do not shoot the dino's nose! Back on track, get ready for the base's defense against intruders... a giant metal ball! Once the game of 'pinball' is over, past the three Peni Flowers reveals... the enemy base, make a grand entrance! One final welcoming party stands between you and the Colonel. Go get him!


Ukki (swarm)
Dragzfly - 01
Wing Lizard × 7
Woodlouse - 01
Dumpling × 6
Floweron - 01
Peni Flower × 3


Miyao Kappa - 01
Miyao Kappa
Evil Snowman - Hard Corps - 01
Evil Snowman


Long Hand Guy Green Sprite
Long Hand Guy



Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 01
At the beginning of the stage.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 02
Past the three Peni Flowers, before the entrance to the base.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 03
Past the three Peni Flowers, before the entrance to the base.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 04
At the beginning of the stage.

Regional differences[]

  • In Probotector (MD), the entire mission briefing is completely altered, including the pictures, which now display some sort of layout, possibly the enemy's base.[2]
  • Even if "Rescue the Research Center" was selected, Deadeye Joe will not appear.



Theme Audio Description
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 4a - AC Violence. Main theme,
Plays again after mid-boss.
Theme of Hard Corps Mini Bosses - JB303. Mid-boss's theme.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 1 - A Spirit of Bushi. Main boss's theme.


  • This stage is listed as Stage 05 under Stage Select.
  • The stage's Checkpoint for a Continue use is at the end of the Evil Snowman boss fight, right before encountering the three Peni Flower enemies.
  • If the player doesn't scroll the screen too much before the six Dumplings fight, the two that enter from the far right will fall off the screen.
  • If a bullet (or sliding) hits the nose of the brontosaurus, it will sneeze violently and its sneeze is considered lethal.
    • In the Japanese version, the sneeze will also cause a player to die instantly upon contact, regardless of remaining HP.
    • This is one of two instant kill threats encountered within the stage, the other is making direct contact touching a Peni Flower.


  1. "Noiman told us who's in charge. Colonel Bahamut... I believe you've heard of him. He was a hero who fought during the Alien Wars. But two years ago he planned a coup d'etat to overthrow the government. The coup d'etat was stopped in time, but the colonel fled. Until now, we had heard nothing of him. He's a dangerous man. I wonder what he's planning to do with that Alien Cell... His hideout is deep in the jungle. Good hunting!" — Commander Doyle's mission briefing.
  2. "Noiman told us the location of the alien's headquarters. It's located deep in the jungle. Good luck Probotectors!" — Stage's mission briefing in Probotector (MD)
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