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Junkyard is the third stage in Contra: Hard Corps.


(Three days later.) We've identified the hacker who breached our security. His name is Noiman Cascade. He's the best hacker on the net! He used the panic caused by the robot as a diversion so he could steal the Mother Alien Cell from the research center. It's very likely there is an organization working behind him. His hideout is under a garbage dump. Don't screw this one up!
~ Commander Doyle at this stage's mission briefing

Completing their previous mission, our heroes' next mission is to hunt the hacker responsible for the city attack. To the Junkyard! The first area starts off with a warm welcoming party of 12 bikers! Afterward, soldiers form the scrap, and two cars full of rockets. Our hero(es) finally reach a flock of crows, but it's not you they are scared of...

The enemy base is near. Under the massive junk pile, our hero(es) are soon greeted by a handful of turrets. A small gate blocks the path, wonder how to get in? Past the second gate, there he is, Noiman Cascade! Don't think apprehending that little creep will be easy!


Bike Corps
Tiny Robot
Junkyard Car
Turret - 01
Rotary Battery


Dustman sprite


Noiman Cascade sprite
Noiman Cascade
Square Terror Complete (sprite)
Square Terror


Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 01
Start of the stage, dropped by Taurus.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 02
Dropped by Sagittarius.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 03
Start of stage, dropped by Gemini.
Hyper Shell - Hard Corps - 03
Directly before the Dustman encounter.

Regional differences[]



Title Audio Location
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 3a - Contra Overdrive. Main stage theme, plays again after mid-boss.
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 3 Mini Bosses - JB303. Mid-boss theme,
Zodiac bosses theme.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 2 - R.A.V.E. Plays during the Square Terror boss.


  • This stage is listed as Stage 04 under Stage Select.
  • The checkpoint for a continue is located at the beginning of the Virtual Arena Zone.
  • At the area with the gates, if the first gate is blown open in a one-player game, a second player will be unable to join until the start of the Virtual Zone or the start of the Arena.
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