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Not to be confused with Air Battle.

Take back control of the skies over the city by attacking the flying menace "Wonderbird".
~ Instruction booklet description

Air Combat is the alternate second stage in Contra: Hard Corps.


Our heroes rush to the aid of the Research Center as quickly as possible. Thankfully, the Air Police arrive to lend a helping hand! Of course, this also comes with a little 'resistance'.

Once our heroes reach the Research Center, it's only a matter of busting in and kicking (or rather blasting) the enemies out!

(For a full list of dialogue, see Hard Corps Stage 2 (b)/Script)


Necroid - 02
Zako Soldier
Ledder - 13
Zako Soldier (armed)


Small Tank - 01
Small Tank
Sasaki - 04
Rocket Ninja Sasaki
Wonderbird - 01


Huge Robot (sprite)
Huge Robot


Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 01
Atop the long wall inside the Research Center, just before the room with Huge Robot.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 02
Atop the long wall inside the Research Center, just before the room with Huge Robot.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 03
At the entrance to the Research Center.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 04
At the entrance to the Research Center.

Regional differences[]

  • In Probotector (MD), the first word in the dialogue is changed to "Oh no!".
  • The Alien Cell was changed to "X Drive". Also, the description concerning it has been altered ("A newly developed energy system with unimaginable power!").
  • Zako Soldiers have been edited to feature a red eye and more silver 'armor'.



Theme Audio Location
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 2b #1 - Zephyr. During the Air battles.
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 2b #2 - Gekokujoh Norakura. During the Research Center area.
Theme of Hard Corps Boss 2 - R.A.V.E. End of stage boss.


  • This stage is listed as Stage 03 under Stage Select.
  • When riding with a partner, the first dialogue mentions I'll, whereas riding alone uses we'll. This is most likely an error.
  • The checkpoint is in front of the Research Center.
  • The first half of the stage bears a resemblance to parts of the Roadway stage from Contra III: The Alien Wars, while the second half of the stage (The Research Facility) resembles the Neo Kobe Factory from Contra III.

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