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Jump on a transforming "Motoroid" motorcycle and eliminate the enemies on the freeway.
~ Instruction booklet description

High Speed Fight is the second stage in Contra: Hard Corps.


To access this stage, choose "Go after Deadeye Joe" when given the option at the end of City Battle.

Our hero(es) take to the streets with their motoroids and pursue the villainous mercenary Deadeye Joe while also dealing with his massive amounts of troops and vehicles.

For dialogue, see here.


Flight Zako - 01
Flight Zako ×10
Missile Soldier - 01
Missile Soldier


Highway Spider - 02
Highway Spider
Small Battleship - Hard Corps - 01
Small Battleship


Spike - 01
High Mobility Tracking Robot


Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 01
In the alleyway, beginning of area.
Falcon Symbol - Hard Corps - 03
In the alleyway, beginning of area.

Regional differences[]

  • In Probotector (MD), Deadeye Joe head is changed to an alien.
  • "Damn!" is changed into "Blast!".
  • "Alien Cell" is changed into "X Drive".



Title Audio Location
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 2a - Yoru no Nikusyokujyu. Main Stage Theme.
Theme of Hard Corps Stage 2a Boss - R.A.V.E. Final Section/Boss of the stage.


  • This stage is listed as Stage 02 under Stage Select.
  • The checkpoint for a continue is at the beginning of the Mini-Battleship fight.
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