For the Sega Genesis game, see Contra: Hard Corps.
Not to be confused with Hard Corps: Uprising.

The Unified Military Special Mobile Task Force, colloquially called the Hard Corps, taking the name of the heroes who saved the planet during the Alien Wars, is a special team of elite troops set up by the government.


Contra: Hard Corps

They appear as playable characters. Everyone with different weapons. Battling the evil Colonel Bahamut to restore the world peace.

Contra: Legacy of War

The Hard Corps team appears once again but this time it has three all new members: Tasha, CD-288 and Bubba.

C: The Contra Adventure

The Hard Corps send Tasha in a solo mission to infiltrate and investigate a mysterious meteorite crash near a South American Mayan temple, but all contact with her is lost. Ray is called back from retirement in order to look for her whereabouts, eventually ending up stopping another alien invasion.