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For the video games, see Contra: Hard Corps and Hard Corps: Uprising.
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The Unified Military Special Mobile Task Force K-X, colloquially called the Hard Corps (taking its name from the heroes who saved the planet during the "Alien Wars"), is a special team of elite troops set up by the Government.

The team was originally introduced in the 1994 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game Contra: Hard Corps, and since then several incarnations of it have appeared throughout the many installments that conform the Contra series. However, only the team from Contra: Hard Corps is considered to belong to the main series' original canon, with all the other versions instead taking place in their own alternate timelines and/or universes.


Contra: Hard Corps

The original version of the Hard Corps task force was introduced in this game, with all of its four members being playable characters: Ray Poward, Sheena Etranzi, Brad Fang and Browny, each equipped with their own specific set of weapons. The team is initially sent to stop an attack on the city caused by rampaging robots. However, this turns out to be only a diversion, with the purpose of keeping them occupied while a new rebel group raided the research facility where an alien cell retrieved during the "Alien Wars" was being studied upon in order to steal it.

After following the trail of this new hostile organization and dealing with some of their lieutenants, it is revealed that their main leader was none other than Colonel Bahamut, a former hero of the Alien Wars, who wanted to depose the current Government. In addition, it's also revealed that the head researcher of the alien cell project, Doctor Geo Mandrake, was secretly working with Bahamut in return of the latter allowing him to gain full control over the alien cell program.

Nonetheless, the Hard Corps, throughout many arduous battles and direct confrontations with their commanders and most powerful units, manage to put a stop to Bahamut and his nefarious plans.

Contra: Legacy of War

The Hard Corps team reappears in this game, once again commanded by Ray but this time featuring three new members: Tasha, CD-288 and Bubba.

This version of the team takes place in its own continuity and does not form part of the main canon, only sharing this timeline with C: The Contra Adventure.

C: The Contra Adventure

The Hard Corps send Tasha in a solo mission to infiltrate and investigate a mysterious meteorite crash near a South American Mayan temple, but all contact with her is lost. Ray is called back from retirement in order to look for her whereabouts, which eventually takes him and the rest of the team stopping another alien invasion.

Likewise, this version of the team takes place in its own continuity and does not form part of the main canon, only sharing this timeline with Contra: Legacy of War.


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