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Operation Galuga Hanging co-op

Lance hanging onto Bill in Operation Galuga.

Hanging or Gripping is a recurring gameplay element featured throughout the Contra series.


Hanging involves the use of a character holding onto a surface with one hang, hanging onto it without falling. A character can hang indefinitely. They can also jump (if not hanging from an overhead surface) and fire their weapons but cannot perform other actions such as ground-based actions (Slide, Reflect, etc.). Weapon firing will leave them idle similar to locked movement. In some games, climbing up a sloped surface will have the character automatically reattach themselves onto that newer angle; otherwise, a manual jump is required. In most games where hanging is used, a Rotator appears as an obstacle during climbing sections.


Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

The first game to introduce the mechanic of hanging. A player cannot perform the Random Shooting technique while hanging. Certain bosses are fought while climbing onto a wall, such as the Tri-Transforming Wall Walker and the Metal Alien.

Contra 4[]

The Grappling Hook can attach players onto a grippable surface or hanging bar.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

During a co-op game, if a player is hanging, it is possible for a second player to hang onto that hanging player.