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Nicky N. Napalm is a master who throws grenades at unexpected times.
~ Translation of the official description from Contra 4

The Grenade Thrower is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. He is an enemy soldier who either hides behind an obstacle or guards post on an elevated platform from where he throws grenades at the player below.


Enemy units which are usually found guarding post on elevated platforms from where they constantly throw grenades at enemies below. Depending on the game they appear in, they can either be humans or alien soldiers. While not particularly being more resilient, groups of other enemies or snipers usually appear in their vicinity. His armor is generally as strong as a sniper's, making him withstand several hits before going down.



In the arcade version of Contra, on the hardest difficulty setting, a special type of Grenade Thrower appears. These are basically Greeders, except they stop to lob their grenades at the player.

Super Contra[]


First proper appearance of this enemy in the series. Only three of these enemies appear in the entire game. The first two grenadiers (along with a couple of Ledders) hold post on an elevated barracks structure found atop the midway hill in Area 1, Ruins of the Federal Military Base, from where they lob grenades at the heroes below amidst a plethora of rampaging Greeders and Ledders. The second thrower stands beside an explosive container that, if destroyed, will make the whole structure to explode, killing him and preventing any more enemy troopers to come out.

The third and last grenadier actually forms part of the Entrance Security composite end area boss, alongside a couple of Ledders. All three units hold post on a high platform, taking cover behind a barricade, with the mission to protect the entrance to the interior section of the enemy base. As expected, the grenadier and the snipers will open fire on the player below, trying to protect the core that opens the entrance. While it isn't mandatory to kill the grenadier and/or the snipers, it is advisable anyway, in order to clear the battlefield a bit and have a clearer shot at the core.


In the NES conversion of the game, Super C, only one Grenade Thrower appears in the entire game. He holds post in front of the second elevated barrack quarters the player comes across in the first stage, Base Area 1. Even if no more grenadiers appear afterward, the same explosive projectiles are thrown from the background for the rest of the level by an unseen enemy.

In this game, the Grenade Thrower visually appears more heavily armored, resembling a robot.

Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

Appearing in blue armor, kneeling on a platform and tossing arcing grenades. One appears as the first enemy, tossing explosives behind a car. Care must be taken while traversing on Armored Car in areas where Grenade Throwers appear, as their explosives can make short work of the tank in a matter of seconds. On Hard Difficulty, they toss bombs at twice their normal speed. In Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX, their bombs will bounce off a Barrier.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

Grenade Soldiers appear inside the Empire Industrial Laboratory. Wearing a Shaolin monk-like suit over their uniform, these Commonwealth troops toss one grenade at a time in front of them while shouting various phrases. Their "prayer beads" are actually made up of the grenades they toss. When initially encountered, they swirl their bodies onto solid ground and can either toss in an arc while standing or roll their grenades on the floor until it hits a surface (each variant is separate per Monk and both techniques are never combined for one Monk). The grenades can be destroyed prematurely by weapons fire and will add 0.5 to the Combo Meter for each one destroyed this way. The Grenade Soldier is voiced by Shintaro Okabe.

Leviathan utilizes grenades during the encounter with him inside the Capital Tower Building. He constantly tosses them to try and thwart the heroes' attempt at catching up to the Emperor Tiberius. His grenades are similar to that of a Grenade Soldier, but in vast quantity tossed and much more varying angle. The DLC playable version of Leviathan can also toss grenades directly in front of him by pressing the SWITCH weapons button, which does nothing otherwise as he can only wield one special weapon at a time.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Grenade Throwers appear to throw exceptionally far at an enemy. There are two types of enemy Grenade wielders, both types behave identical: The Red Falcon units and the (possessed) GX Army units.


Idle toss
  • "Go to hell!"
Rolling toss
  • "You are poorly trained."
  • "You need much more training."
  • "Too tough for me." - Defeated.

Contra Returns[]

In Contra Returns, Grenade Throwers throw grenades that bounce up and down toward the player. They cannot be destroyed. There are three variants of these foes: standard, infected and zombified.



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