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Great Heli-Ruined Base is a music theme originally composed by the Konami Kukeiha Club for Super Contra. It is one of the main boss/miniboss themes of the game.


"Great Heli-Ruined Base" is the eponymous background theme for the Area 1 miniboss, Great Heli, in Super Contra.

While in the NES conversion of the game, Super C, it is also the boss theme for the Great Heli (which is now the end area boss rather than a miniboss) in Base Area 1, it later reappears as the boss theme for Alien Area 1 (Gava) and Alien Area 3 (Kimkoh).

The theme is actually comprised of two main parts, the first is called "Great Heli", in reference to the boss/miniboss it serves as the main background theme of the first time it is played. An arrangement of the second part, "Ruined Base", is later used as the main boss theme for Super C (NES) and is played during most boss encounters, with just a few exceptions where the original theme is played again instead.

In Super C for the Commodore Amiga, which is a more direct conversion of the original arcade version of Super Contra, "Great Heli-Ruined Base" is the default boss theme instead and plays during the boss fights of all five stages.


Title Game Stage Audio Usage
Great Heli-Ruined Base Super Contra (arcade) Ruins of the Federal Military Base Great Heli and Entrance Security boss fights
Great Heli-Ruined Base Super C (NES) Base Area 1
Alien Area 1
Alien Area 3
Great Heli, Gava, and Kimkoh boss fights
Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Mix) Ruins
Escape Ship
Beowulf and Varanis miniboss fights
Great Heli-Ruined Base Super C (Amiga) Ruins of the Federal Military Base
Inside the Federal Military Base
Deep Jungle
Alien 1
Alien 2
Great Heli, Entrance Security, Magnus,
Dethgerbis, Metal Alien, Suspicious Face,
and Gava boss fights
Legacy of War Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Remix) Ruins
Escape Ship
Beowulf and Varanis miniboss fights

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