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The Grappling Hook (グラップリング・フック Gurappuringu Fukku?)[1] is a tool used by some members of the Contra organization.


The Grappling Hook is a small, non-lethal tool used to hoist the player character up to a higher platform. It made its first appearance in Contra 4, where it is launched from the user's own firearm and can reach all the way to the top of the screen. If the Grappling Hook latches onto a grabbable metal pole or hang bar, the grapple locks itself on it and then hoists the player up, where they will then hang onto said bar. If the grapple hits the top of the screen or a hard non-grabbable surface, the hook will retract itself into the weapon. Weapons cannot be fired while using the grapple, and the player is still vulnerable to attacks while using it. Using it during a jump will briefly have the player floating in midair while the grapple completes its animation.

In Contra 4, the Grapple Hook's main function is to allow the player to reach the top screen of the Nintendo DS, where the game was originally released, and which due to this the orientation of the screens are vertically oriented, despite the game being a 2D side scroller. Once on the top screen, the player can continue progressing through the level and drop back down to the bottom screen, and then back up if necessary.

In Contra: Operation Galuga, a Grapple Gun can be seen being handled by Lucia. It is able to latch itself onto a thin platform.



  • Grappling hooks were a tool sometimes seen in spy and/or action movies. Another notable variation is the iconic Grapple Gun from DC's Batman series.


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