Gomeramos King (天王創魔心 ゴメラモスキング Tennō Sōma-shin Gomeramos King?, lit. "Heaven King Demon-Breeding Heart Gomeramos King") is the secondary antagonist and final boss in the original Contra. It has since then appeared as a frequent boss in many following titles.

This giant organ is actually Demon Dragon God Java's still beating heart, which continues to nurture the whole aliens' hive biomass even after its owner's death.


Gomeramos King is the last boss in the original Contra, and as such, it's the first main antagonist to appear in the whole Contra series. It is a giant alien heart which nurtures the cocoons scattered throughout the aliens' hive, presumably being responsible for not only spawning newborn offspring, but also for helping the alien hives' bodily functions work properly.

Gomeramos is usually found shortly after defeating Demon Dragon God Java, actually being his own self-sustaining heart which must be defeated separately in order to stop the whole alien invasion.

In some of its incarnations, the heart has a self-defense mechanism mostly consisting of projectile shooters or energy-based weapons. Combined with the constant streams of newborn aliens, fighting it can prove to be a worthy challenge.

Four cocoons are usually attached around the organ, two on the ground and two on the ceiling; these keep constantly releasing Buggers throughout the course of the fight, although they can be destroyed separately in order to alleviate the whole ordeal. Due to the somewhat unpredictable behavior of these newborn aliens –whether they quickly scurry along the floor, start levitating as they leave the screen, or jump from the ceiling to either return to it or remain on the ground– the battle can indeed prove to be challenging.

Once the heart is put out of commission, the alien's major operation is halted to a full stop due to the resulting drop of all the alien workforce.

An alien in the form of a huge heart. The area around it is filled with Eggrons that produce Backers. The yellow smoke from Gomeramos King is stinking and its surroundings are very full of odorous air.
~ Translation of the official description from Shattered Soldier

In Contra: Shattered Soldier, Lance Bean fuses with an alien and attacks Bill and Lucia by transforming into several creatures, the first being a heavily mutated variant of Gomeramos with many eyes which emits a green or yellow smoke.

In Contra: Return, although not having Eggrons or Wadders to help it this time around, Gomeramos King retains some of its classic attacks, as well as a few new ones:

  • Summons Buggers as it often did in previous games.
  • Summons Orians (or mutated Greeders).
  • Hurls down blood shots diagonally at the player in a similar way as meteors.
  • Produces a rain of noxious blood directly above the player.
  • Puts up barrier that enables it to regain its health and take less damage. To prevent it from regaining more health, the player must keep on shooting at the alien heart.

Also, Gomeramos King in Return will be fought more than once in different nests.


  • In the MSX2 version of Contra, due to the greater number of levels not seen in other versions of the game, Gomeramos King acts only as an end of stage boss, and defeating it roughly marks having reached the middle part of the game.



  • According to the accepted canon, Gomeramos King died in 2633 A.D., putting with this an end to the first alien invasion, although it reappears numerous times throughout the series as a recurrent boss. Whether this means it was revived, reborn from alien cells, there are more than one of these heart-like organisms, or if they are just a reused concept with no involvement in the later games' storylines, is uncertain, although it seems likely that they serve as vital components to the formation and survival of the aliens' hives.
  • In the Famicom port of Contra, the entire Alien's Lair pulsates as though if alive, which infers that the entire level is just one giant living organism and Gomeramos is just an organ inside it.
    • It's usually common to see the whole organic stage to start pulsating faster as the heart sustains damage, suggesting the whole biomass is reaching critical condition and about to collapse.

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