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Even if it looks like this, the gourmet's giant eel ecological weapon. He loves minced worms and is a gluttonous eater who never forgets to eat them even in battle. In other words, as long as we don't start attacking, he will continue to eat silently forever.
~ Official description

The Gluttonous Ugougo is a boss in Contra: Shattered Soldier. It is a large serpent-like monster that eats the grinded remains of other creatures.


An eel or serpent-like creature that lurks inside a large wall. As Bill Rizer and Lucia reach the underground portion of the city, they deal with a wild Mince Worm, where it eventually gets caught up inside a meat grinder and shredded to pieces. The two heroes then proceed past the grinder and encounter a large eel/serpent like creature feasting on the shredded remains of the Mince Worm and possibly other shredded creatures' fresh meat. Bill and Lucia exterminate the Gluttonous Ugougo in order to proceed further underground.


The creature's battlefield consists of a large pipe along the left side of the screen that processes shredded fresh meat into a pool of dead remains. There are two hang bars of different elevations above the center and right sides of the room, with the large creature housed inside the rightmost bottom portion of the screen. The meat pool is considered a lethal bottomless pit, and the creature is deadly to the touch.

As Bill and Lucia enter the battlefield, the Gluttonous Ugougo is seen feasting on the fresh grinded meat inside the dead pool. It ignores the two heroes and casually feasts on its meat harvest, but once the heroes open fire on it, the provoked creature will begin to strike. Its attack pattern consists of alternating between two attacks and (at times) temporarily returning to its meat harvest for a delicious snack. Its two attacks are as follows:

Attack Description
Rancid Breath
Gluttonous Ugougo Attack 1
The creature spews brown acid from its mouth. Its starts by firing at the ground near its head, then slowly rises its head, which arcs the breath long-range, hitting the entire left side of the screen. The heroes need to use the hang bars to climb above the creature's head before the rancid breath hits the left side of the screen. At this time, the heroes can unload weapon fire onto it as it spews its acid breath before its next attack.
Bubble Breath
Gluttonous Ugougo attack 2
The creature spews a barrage of deadly bubbles that eventually make its way toward the left side of the screen. This attack can hit a player above the creature's head, so the player should head toward the left side of the screen above the meat pipe as soon as just before this attack is unleashed (when safe). The bubbles dissipate over time, and they can be annihilated via weapons fire before they reach the heroes. The Flame Whip is recommended against the bubble barrage due to its 360° angling.

The heroes need to keep firing on the creature's head at any opportunity, while also keeping an eye out for which attack it will use. It is best to stay near the center-left side of the screen to allow the player some time to prepare for which attack the creature will utilize. Its snack breaks are the perfect opportunity to unload firepower on it. Dealing enough damage will cause the creature to flop over and sink into the very meat pit it once consumed.

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