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Giwala (旧生体実験用 プラント ギワーラ Kyū Seitai Jikken-yō Puranto Giwāra?, lit. "Old Biological Experimental Plant Giwala") is a boss in Operation C. It is a giant insectoid alien, apparently product of experiments carried by using an alien cell.


A giant insectoid alien monstrosity that resembles some sort of hybrid between a spider and a moth. It constantly spews three Spores in a spreading manner and has two large bulbs near the rear end of its abdomen from which it fires a long laser beam that ricochets on walls. Despite its large size, it can develop great speed during battle and is also very resilient. It features a small eye (or "core") on the front which acts as its weak spot.

The creature will pace from side to side during the encounter while spewing Spores (which can be destroyed). It will also be constantly firing laser beams from its rear end directly to the back of the room, which will first ricochet on the back wall and then on one of the side walls to finally travel to the front of the monster, likely where the player is standing. However, due to the trajectories these beams generally follow, standing on any of the bottom corners of the room will usually provide safe spots from them, with the player then only having to worry about destroying the Spores when the boss is right above them, and of course, looking for opportunities to shoot at its weak spot.

As it sustains damage, the creature will move progressively faster, making it more difficult to keep pace with it while also trying to avoid its attacks.



  • Its full name, "Old Biological Experimental Plant Giwala", suggests that it could be artificially created from experiments performed by the hostile army's research facility on the alien cell that possessed them in Operation C.
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