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Giralal (骨塊無重力艦 ギララル Koukai Mujuuryoku Kan Girararu?, lit. "Bone Mass Zero-Gravity Warship Giralal") is a boss in Super Contra. It is a flying battleship whose body is comprised by a mass of bones of presumably alien origin.


Giralal is a large flying battleship whose exterior is comprised by a mass of bones of presumably alien origin. It mainly attacks by hovering from side to side in the air while releasing little Alien Skulls from the two hatches it has on each side, which will scurry toward the player once they touch the ground.

The battleship also features another three hatches underneath, from which it periodically deploys three Poisonous Insect Gels that will home toward the player. The only way to destroy this enemy is by shooting the glowing core on its center. The variety of attacks this boss counts with can make it a challenging adversary, although if the player brings decent firepower, it won't pose that much of a threat.


Super Contra[]

Giralal features practically the same attacks in both versions of the game, although there are certain factors that make its encounter unique on each platform:

  • Giralal appears only as a miniboss about midway through Stage 4, Alien 1.
  • It only hovers from side to side of the screen.
  • It hovers at a greater speed than the NES version and the skulls it deploys have a more alien-like appearance.
  • The layout of the room has a platform in the middle which provides some cover from the skulls, although the ground is slanted on both ends of the screen, making evasive maneuvers a bit harder to perform.

In the NES conversion of the game, Super C, this enemy went through the following changes:

  • Giralal acts as the end boss of Base Area 4, instead of just being a miniboss.
  • The vessel has greater mobility. It generally hovers high in the air and periodically performs long swoops (sometimes even going through the ground) in an attempt to bump into the player. Only the core is harmful to the touch, the rest of the vessel is safe to make contact with.
  • The skulls it deploys have a more human-like appearance.
  • In this version, the vessel is notably more resilient than its arcade counterpart.

Contra Returns[]

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