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A subspecies of ancient creatures that has continued to respond to repeated environmental changes. Although it has evolved to enable ultra-high altitude flight, its arms have degenerated and heavy objects can no longer be lifted.
~ Official description from Neo Contra

The Gigafly (ギガフライ Gigafurai?) is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. It is a flying insectoid alien which abducts its prey and carries it away to its death.


The Gigafly is a mid-sized, flying insectoid alien whose body is mainly composed of a neckless head, a relatively small and lean torso with two wasp-like wings affixed to its back, and clawed arms. The inferior part of its torso ends in two relatively large claw-like appendages, which along with its hands, it uses to grab and secure its prey.

It usually attacks by descending from the sky in endless swarms and hovering about, looking for prey; once it finds one, it snatches it and quickly starts flying back up. Should the unfortunate victim reach the upper border of the screen, they'll instantly die. However, Gigaflies can neither attack directly nor harm the player upon physical contact, thus allowing the latter to shoot them off and free themselves as they're being carried.

They have often appeared with different designs and body shapes among numerous titles, although still retaining similar behavioral patterns. This could imply that the name "Gigafly" is an umbrella term used to refer to a group of mid-sized aliens capable of flying, with their diverse incarnations being identified either as a species or subspecies of the same creature.

A Gigafly's death animation varies by game. In Contra III, a defeated Gigafly spins in circles until it falls off-screen. In Contra: The Alien Wars, they explode for a few seconds in their idle animation, slowly descending until they simply disappear. In Contra 4, a defeated Gigafly makes a short death posture before exploding. In Shattered Soldier, a Gigafly will explode into pieces, with green blood splattering across the area. If the Flame Whip is used on them, the creature is ignited and roasted alive.


Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

First appearance of the Gigafly. They are encountered along the girder section of the Neo Kobe Factory Zone, above a large pitfall. When a certain area is reached, all Gigaflies are suddenly and instantly eliminated, preceding the appearance of the Tri-Transforming Wall Walker.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

Gigaflies appear in Stage 1, Fortress, during a hang bar segment reminiscent of the Gigafly area from Contra III.

Neo Contra[]

Gigaflies appear in Stage 4, Aircraft Carrier.

Additionally, the Kimkoh creature in Stage 5 is able to metamorphosize into a large Gigafly-like form, after its "larva" form has been heavily damaged.

Contra 4[]

Appearing during the City stage.

Gigaflies also appear during a Challenge Mode where a certain amount must be eliminated under a time limit.

Contra ReBirth[]

Appearing during the City and Industrial Highway stages. This time around, Gigaflies limit themselves to carry Red soldiers to engage the heroes and won't directly attack them in any other way. When the soldier they carry is defeated, the Gigafly will instantly explode in pieces.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

First appearing in the Capital Highway and later in the Empire Industrial Laboratory, these variations of Gigaflies are not of alien origin but a winged suit piloted by Commonwealth forces. Instead of wings, it has four helicopter-like blades –two on each side– that, instead of rotating, flap rapidly like insect wings. It attacks in a similar manner as the standard Gigafly, with only some slight modifications. It still attacks in numerous swarms, although instead of descending from the top of the screen, it enters it from a side. If it happens to fly right above the player, it will quickly lunge down and perform a grabbing move with its two robotic arms. If it succeeds in catching the player, it then follows the same attack pattern as the Gigafly, by carrying them to the top of the screen to eliminate them. Being a robot, it explodes when heavily damaged, killing its pilot in the process.



Sprites and models[]



Game Stage Audio
Contra III: The Alien Wars Factory Zone


  • Flying Beast alt
    Although Gigaflies are absent in Contra: Hard Corps, a similar winged enemy that bears a resemblance to a Gigafly is present. When the creature receives damage, it briefly changes into an orangish color, which more closely resembles the Gigafly's natural coloration.
  • A Gigafly makes a minor appearance in the Bombergirl Short Comics along with some other Contra enemies.