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The Giant Stone Head (unofficial name) is a miniboss in Contra ReBirth. It is an animated ancient giant statue head that attacks above a pond of lava.


After an initial descent along a lengthy shaft inside of what appears to be the ruins of an ancient civilization, the heroes eventually come across a large stone statue head embedded on one of the walls. Shortly after, the metal beam carried by two insectoid creatures (the same ones that carry Power-up Capsules) where the heroes are hanging onto gets destroyed by a spike trap and the heroes fall to the bottom of the chasm, although they fortunately find another metal beam carried by insectoids on their way down and manage to recover their grip before plunging into a pool of lava at the bottom. A giant statue head located at the bottom of the shaft awakens and starts attacking the hero(es).

The miniboss has two main attacks and performs them in a looping order:

Attack Description
Contra Rebirth Level 4 Boss 1-2
Drops with great force into the lava pool. The splash causes large blobs of fire to rise into the sky that scatter all across the screen as they fall. As soon as the player(s) enter the area, the boss begins with this attack.
Orb spew
Contra Rebirth Level 4 Boss 1
Moves up and down while vomiting a barrage of dark energy orbs that trace an arc and float upward as they grow bigger. The statue's eyeball constantly spins throughout this attack.

The statue's weak point is the beak-like protrusion/helmet covering attached to its top front of its face (above the mouth, lined with red), and once it has sustained enough damage, the entire monster will crumble and explode into hundreds of stone pieces.


  • Both the Giant Stone Head and the Animate Statue presumably are ancient defense mechanisms mainly constructed from non-organic materials which were programmed with the use of alien technology.
  • This miniboss shares some similarities with Java, probably being a reinterpretation of him for Contra ReBirth, as both are giant heads seen from a side angle that mainly attack by vomiting floating projectiles into the battlefield.

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