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The Giant Golem (unofficial name) is the second boss in Contra ReBirth.


A giant robot that is first seen in a small introductory cutscene of Stage 2, Dystopian Metropolis, where a multitude of frightened people can be seen running away from an unseen danger. A little girl falls behind and the Giant Golem almost immediately lands next to her and picks her up, revealing to be the threat the citizens were escaping from. Fortunately, the Contras arrive just in time and knock the robot's head off, saving the girl.

The headless Golem reappears and is fought several times throughout the course of the level. In one part, it halts progress of the heroes and attacks with stomps and slams from its long arms (with accompanying enemy units if the hero(es) is close to the right side of the area). In another part, it attacks from the background, firing out missiles that can be sent back at him by shooting them. Finally, it is fought again while riding down an elevator, where it jumps around and stops to fire blasts. After taking enough hits, its head returns and it finally blows apart.


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