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General Phoenix is the main antagonist in Contra: Rogue Corps. He was a high rank member of the military, who fired the Vortex Cannon against advice of its creators and without the President's consent, and which presumably brought the rise of the Damned City. He assassinated the President afterward and blamed Kaiser and the rest of the Rogue Corps as the responsibles. He was later revealed to be the real CEO of SwanLabs.

He was voiced by Daniel J. Edwards.


General Phoenix was a high rank member of the military. He was the one who fired the Vortex Cannon, against the advice of scientists and without consent of the President, by whom he was reprimanded for this act.

He was present at a speech given by the President some time after the Alien Wars. During the speech, the Damned City suddenly started arising from the ground and the President held Phoenix responsible for this. Fearing the consequences and before the news could spread, Phoenix assassinated the President using Ms. Harakiri's katana. Seeing this, Kaiser, leader of the Rogue Corps elite task force, tried to stop Phoenix and nearly subdued him. However, taking advantage of the confusion caused by Harakiri's alien episode, who was about to be killed by the presidential security units, Kaiser had to let Phoenix go to save his colleague. Phoenix then blamed Kaiser an his team for the murder. Seeing themselves surrounded, the Rogue Corps managed to escape via their carrier, The Guillotine.

Right after this incident, Phoenix had doctors Claude Banks and Kurt Steiner, the lead scientists behind the creation of the Vortex Cannon, apprehended for being witnesses. He then ordered his soldiers to lock the two scientists in the laboratory and then blow the building up, so it looked like their deaths had been an accident. However, both scientists managed to escape, each by their own means.

It seems likely that he was inadvertently responsible for bringing not only the Damned City, but also the Fiends into existence. Some time later, he finally arrived at the Damned City while coming across the Rogue Corps squadron.



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