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A talented general entrusted with full control of the Global Federation's armed forces.
His peers consider him a legendary soldier, and many of his subordinates look up to him.
~ Official profile description from Contra 3D

General Hal is a supporting character in Contra 3D.

He was voiced by Hidetoshi Nakamura.


Super C[]

General Hal is only mentioned in the Japanese background storyline of Super C and is not seen in the actual game. One year after Red Falcon was defeated, the world was thought to be free of danger. General Hal, from the Federation Army, was put in charge of the GX Army stationed in the desert portion of South America, when Red Falcon, who had been operating from the shadows, launched a surprise attack on them, once again taking over the soldiers' minds and bodies.

General Hal sent an urgent message to the Federation calling for reinforcements: "Our ally, the GX Army, has turned on us. Their eyes are no longer human. Could it be that they...?!"

That was the end of the transmission and presumably the end of General Hal's life as well.

Contra 3D[]

Personal information[]

  • Age: 55
  • Height: 190 cm (6′ 3″)
  • Weight: 111 kg (245 lb)



  • Colonel Bloodaxe, from Contra Returns, shares some resemblance to General Hal. In his story, Bloodaxe was also in charge of the GX Army, and he and his men were also attacked by the aliens and put under their control. It is possible Colonel Bloodaxe is Contra Returns' reinterpretation of General Hal.
  • According to his profile, General Hal's status and background bear some resemblance to Roy Campbell, a military official from the Metal Gear franchise.

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