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Gebolien (ゲボリアン Geborian?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps.


A mutated alien monstrosity that is likely the result of an experiment terribly gone wrong while tampering with the Alien Cell. Its structure is composed by several body parts that seem to have no relation with each other. Its lower body resembles a grub with a red core on its front and an exposed bulbous tissue on its back. On its top it bears a shell-like exoskeleton from where a tubular, segmented and venous body emerges. Its head is more xenomorphic-like, having no visible eyes and featuring a large and drooling mouth full of fangs. All these traits in conjunction somewhat give the creature the overall appearance of a cobra.

Despite its horrid appearance, the monster can barely move by itself and has to drag its heavy body with much effort. Its weak spot is its head. If it is about to reach the leftmost side of the screen, it will immediately pick up the pace and drag itself backward until it hits the rightmost edge of the room, and then repeat the process all over again. The heroes are safe from being crushed on the leftmost edge of the screen.


  • Energy ball spew: Rapidly shakes its head, firing a huge and fast burst of energy shots at a far distance. Can be avoided by staying close to Gebolien.



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