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Emperor Demon Gava is the last boss of the Archipelago stage in Contra: Shattered Soldier. In reality, it is not the same Red Falcon leader fought in the Alien Wars, instead being an illusionary memory formed by the Blood Falcon commander Lance Bean.


After the Blood Falcon commander was personally defeated in combat by heroic commandos Bill Rizer and Lucia, the commander refuses to admit his defeat, instead summoning the power of a hidden alien embryo embedded into his body. Using this power, the commander summons physical illusions of alien creatures to do battle with the commandos, some of which are based on Lance's memories of defeated Red Falcon enemy bosses from his and Bill's previous missions from the past. Of these memorable copies, the final one seen is none other than the powerful Red Falcon leader, Emperor Demon Gava.


This battle is fought on a hanging bar reminiscent of the final battle against Searle from Contra III. As the heroes land on the bar, Gava soon enters the alien transformed base from below a bottomless chasm by pulling itself up. Despite this inverse of positioning, the entire battle is highly similar to Gava's Contra III appearance. As with said appearance, its arms and eyes can be individually damaged, along with its brain, the boss's true weakness.

Its attacks are a blast from the past, consisting of a familiar strategy:

  • One of Gava's arms will extend and reach out to the hanging bar, twisting around it until its head touches an off-screen portion of the screen. Then it quickly retracts the arm. When twisting, small portions are safe to hold onto that the wrapped arm does not touch. As with its Contra III' appearance, an arm can be easily avoided by staying toward the edge of the screen opposite of the arm, as far as possible.
  • When not using its arms, Gava's brain will fire off a large slow and straightforward pink blast in a left to right motion. Although long, the trail of the beams is safe to touch but not the core blast itself. At the same time, Gava's eyes fire one slow and straightforward moving orange beam each, more targeting closely toward players. Gava fires three times before attacking again either with its arms or a repeat of the blasting attack.

Both the eyes and the arms must be eliminated before the brain in order to achieve a higher Hit Rate, though doing so will alter the rest of the battle:

  • If an arm is eliminated, the hole left behind can fire off an electrical blast hitting near or on the edge of a hanging bar side. Gava may instead also perform a different attack where it will spew out 6 Bundle in a wide range, one at a time, that rise close to the hang bar, then fall into the pit below. Bundle can be destroyed but do not count toward the overall Hit Rate, making them somewhat ignorable.
  • If an eye is eliminated, Gava's brain will fire a spread of three pink beams alongside the remaining one orange eye beam. If both eyes are destroyed, the spread of pink beams becomes a set of five per firing (to make up for its lost orange beams).

Each eye destroyed adds 3% to the Hit Rate. Each arm is worth 4% Hit Rate. Gava's brain is worth 10% Hit Rate. Staying close to an edge of the screen is once again a great way to avoid all but its laser beam attacks, which require timing and precise jumping to avoid. Enough damage to Gava's brain will cause the boss to erupt in explosion and be erased, shattering Lance's powerful illusion.


  • If playing the game on Easy Difficulty or if the players clear the boss with a B rank or lower, Gava will be the game's final boss as the game ends after Gava's defeat.