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Gardegura (天翔金剛連弾ガルデギューラ Tenshō Kongō Rendan Garudegyūra?)[1] are recurring enemy projectiles that appear in the Contra series. They are red and blue molecule-like orbs that follow a unique pattern.


Gardegura is a molecule-looking type of projectile of presumably alien origin comprised by two dimers made of a gelatinous-looking substance –one red and one blue– clinging tightly to each other to form a single mass.

They are usually slower than most other projectiles (although this is not always the case and in some instances they may in fact be way faster). They are usually fired by stronger enemies, such as bosses and minibosses, as a form of special attack, and most of the times they display unique traveling behaviors depending on the game they appear in and/or the enemy that produces them.

They usually can be destroyed in midair.



The first time these projectiles appeared in the series was during Godomuga's boss fight in the original arcade version of Contra. They constantly materialize out of thin air in pairs at the top of the screen throughout the encounter –one on the right and the other on the left side of the screen– and slowly descend toward the bottom following a somewhat erratic pattern, either intentionally homing toward the player or just floating on their own until they leave the screen.

In the NES port, they are slightly faster and are produced by the Godomugas themselves rather than materializing from thin air. The Gardegura rotate horizontally, increasing rotational speed when closing in on a player.

Super C[]

In the NES conversion of Super Contra, Super C, Gardegura appear throughout the two ascending elevator sections of Base Area 3. They are positioned in groups of two or four at determined spots along the map and are uncovered as the screen scrolls up, at which point they launch themselves toward the player at a considerable speed and curve their trajectory near the bottom, exiting the screen by either side. As such, it is advised to try to destroy them as soon as they appear, a task the Spread Gun can easily perform.

This enemy projectile does not appear in the original arcade version of Super Contra (and direct ports of it).

Contra: Hard Corps[]

Gardegura are launched by the red Zako Robots that have cannons affixed to their backs in the first stage. They explode in a grenade-like manner. In a similar fashion, cannon-wielding Captains fire Gardegura in an identical arcing manner, though only two of these troops are ever encountered total (if possible).

They also form part of Yokozuna's second attack. After stopping the military train the player is riding on and performing his first double plasma shot attack, the giant robot will start lobbing large Gardegura from the triple cannon it has affixed to his back; these are launched upward and then roll at great speed forward as they land on top of the train, which the player must evade. They cannot be destroyed.

They can appear briefly in the Sea Struggle stage. The Yellow Airship fires these, but they start off slow and minuscule. When fired upon; however, they quickly descend, explode and leave behind a pillar of flames.

Bahamut Overdrive's second form also attacks using these projectiles at the end of the Big Battle stage. The monster will jump to one edge of the screen, elongate its snake-like neck and begin slamming its head on the ground, making a large number of big Gardegura to rain down all across the screen.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

Some enemy projectiles flash red and blue and can be erased by the Fire Whip, with some producing large explosions upon surface impact. A Garth Base fires flashing red and blue Napalms vulnerable to any weapon fire. Both of these types of oval-shaped projectiles resemble Gardegura, with the latter appearing as a Gapsa with Gardegura elements mixed in.

Neo Contra[]

The smaller bullets from Shattered Soldier are reused in Neo Contra. Not only can they be eliminated with the Fire Whip once more, but other weapons such as the Katana or Flamethrower-type weapons can erase these shots.

Contra 4[]

In Contra 4, Gardegura appear once again as one of Godomuga's characteristic attacks, following almost the same attack patterns they did in the first game, with the difference that these projectiles can be produced by any of Godomuga's images, whether they are real or virtual copies.

Contra: Evolution[]

In Contra: Evolution, which is a remake based on the NES/Famicom port of the first game, the Gardeguras produced by Godomuga barely resemble their classic red and blue orbs counterparts, and instead they appear as single orbs glowing in a light blue light and with a halo spinning around them, although they behave almost exactly the same.





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