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Gapsa is a recurring projectile in the Contra series. In most cases, it is a small napalm-shaped enemy grenade either thrown from the background by an unseen enemy or fired by larger enemy forces.



In its initial appearance, Gapsa grenades are unexpectedly lobbed from the background in rows of two or three by an unseen enemy in the Snow Field. Assuming these are thrown by an infantry unit, these particular enemies are impossible to kill, so the player is left with no other option than to dodge these exploding projectiles. When a Gapsa grenade lands, it produces a harmful wide explosion.

The Gapsa resembles more a capsule than a standard grenade, possibly following a design of alien origin.

Super C[]

These exploding projectiles tossed from offscreen reappeared in Super C, the NES conversion of Super Contra, even though they don't appear in the original arcade version of the game. Normal Grenade Throwers also appear in this game, making it the only instance in the series where both variants appear.

Unlike their futuristic look in the previous game, the Gapsa grenade now features a classic stick hand design (similar to the German stielhandgranate). They are identical to those thrown by Grenade Throwers.

Gapsas are thrown from one and up to three grenades in a row.

C: The Contra Adventure[]

Gapsa appear as silver bullets with red stripes fired from Grenade gun weapon. These bullets fired by the player fly in a small straightforward arc then bounce on floors until they hit a wall or object, creating a large explosion when doing so. The bullet's explosion is harmless to the player character that fired the Gapsa.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

Their design here is far different from previous counterparts but still recognizable. These projectiles are fired from a certain Mortar Soldier or from various powerful enemies such as Garth Base and Defense Wall, always in an arc-like motion and (due to graphics) possess a small afterimage trail behind them. When it hits a surface, a large explosion lingers for a second. Although these projectiles flash red-and-blue, they can be eliminated using any weapon, not just the Fire Whip.





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