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The Galuga Archipelago (ガルーガ諸島 Garūga Shotō?, lit. "Garooga Islands") is a fictional chain of small islands located off the coast of New Zealand. It is in this place where the alien army known as Red Falcon first made contact on Earth and two years later began their first invasion.


The Galuga Archipelago is a small chain of islands estimated to be located 20 km northeast off the coast of New Zealand in Oceania, sitting in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. As expected, it has tropical weather and beaches surrounding it, with the usual vegetation and fauna proper of these regions, thus mainly being comprised of dense jungles, rivers and cascades, along with tundra landscapes with big mountains and constant snowstorms on the northern regions of the largest island.

It is in these latter areas where the local government has constructed industrial zones, which ended up falling under the control of the alien forces during their invasions and modified into the bio-organic cavern-like structures they use to survive and sustain their numerous offspring.


In 2631 A.D., a mysterious meteorite crashed on planet Earth, on the Galuga Archipelago, off the coast of New Zealand. Two years later, in 2633, the terrorist organization known as "Red Falcon" set a base in that location as part of their plan to conquer the world.[2] Two commandos, Pfc. Bill Rizer and Pfc. Lance Bean, of the Contra unit –an elite group of soldiers specializing in guerrilla warfare– were sent by the Government to the largest island to neutralize the enemy forces and uncover the true nature of the entity controlling them. The pair of super commandos ultimately succeeded in eliminating the threat on the island, leaving it in ruins.

After two consecutive victories over the alien invaders, the latter unleashed a full-scale war over the planet in 2636 - an event which came to be known as the "Alien Wars". In 2638, the aliens launched the second wave of this hostile campaign, led by the alien entity known as Black Viper, causing mass destruction over the planet. The epicenter of this second assault was once again the Galuga islands, which had already regrown over the five year period that had passed since its initial destruction. After strange readings were detected at the archipelago, the Earth Federation sent in their four strongest Contra commandos: Bill, Lance, Mad Dog and Scorpion, on a final strike mission to destroy Black Viper and its army of aliens, robots and mutants.

In 2647, one particular island within the archipelago was being used as the headquarters of a highly militaristic organization called "Blood Falcon", establishing it as their commander's main base of operations. Bill and his assigned partner, Lucia, were sent in to put a end to this rebellious group, until learning the truth behind the alien invasions of the past from none other than Lance Bean himself.



Sea Struggle Map

Mission intel of the Sea Struggle stage from Hard Corps.

  • In Contra: Hard Corps, one of Colonel Bahamut's bases seen in the mission briefing of the Sea Struggle stage resembles Galuga Island. Because the details of this island base are never fully revealed, it is unclear if the two locations are related.
  • The island's physical appearance may be based on Raoul Island, which is a large, anvil-shaped island located 1,100 km (680 mi) north-east of New Zealand's North Island. This is strongly implied in the Stage Select screen of Contra: Shattered Soldier, where the World Map displays the Archipelago's geographical location, as well as the stage's thumbnail image, both which almost perfectly match those from the real world island.


  1. Stage 05 name from Contra: Shattered Soldier.
  2. It was later revealed that the real reason for the invasion was to retrieve the Moirai Relic, an artifact said to contain great power, which the humans had stolen from the aliens' shrine in Jupiter.