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In December 2634 AD, a disturbing distress signal was sent from General Hal. The message originated in South America, at the GX military training facility, Site 7. Perturbed by the message, the Federation sent in Contra (Bill and Lance) to investigate. What they discovered was a mutated form of the aliens that they had previously neutralized. Contra was again successful in neutralizing the aliens. The incident was again classified with the only release to the public being that it was a training accident.
~ Database description from Shattered Soldier

The GX Army, abbreviated from Generation-X Army,[2] is the initial antagonistic faction of Super Contra. It was an earthling military training facility located in South America that was overrun by a mutation of the aliens that were fought a year before in the Galuga Archipelago.


The GX Army was a military training facility that was located on an unspecified desert area in South America. General Hal, a talented general entrusted with full control of the Global Federation's armed forces, was put in charge of this facility. However, in 2634 A.D., one year after the Galuga Archipelago incident, the General sent a distress call, informing that their allies of the GX Army had turned against them and adding that "their eyes were no longer human", questioning himself if they could be controlled by something already of his knowledge. However, the transmission was cut short and that's the last that was known of him.

The Federation once again sent in Contra commandos, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, to investigate what had happened to the GX Army. On arrival, they found the military base in a riot, with the recruits from the camp rampaging and destroying their own base. The two Contras broke through their lines, neutralizing any threats that stood in their way, and delved further into the base, eventually discovering that a string of the Red Falcon Army they defeated one year before in the Galuga Archipelago had survived and mutated, and then attacked the GX Army by surprise, once again taking control of their units' minds and bodies.

The Contras succeeded in neutralizing Red Falcon's strongest agents and eventually defeated their true leader, Emperor Demon Gava, putting an end to this alien menace one more time. Like with the previous invasion attempt, the incident was again classified, with the only release to the public being that it had been a military training accident.


Super Contra[]

In 2634 A.D., one year after the Red Falcon alien army was defeated by Contra commandos, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, the world was thought to be free of danger. General Hal, from the Global Federation, was put in charge of the GX Army military training facility stationed in the desert portion of South America, when Red Falcon, who had been operating from the shadows, launched a surprise attack on them, once again taking over the soldiers' minds and bodies.

General Hal sent an urgent message to the Federation calling for reinforcements: "Our ally, the GX Army, has turned on us. Their eyes are no longer human. Could it be that they...?!"

That was the end of the transmission and presumably the end of General Hal's life as well.

Contra Returns[]

Contra Returns basically retells the same story from Super Contra, but changes a few of its aspects (including characters) and expands it to adapt to a new narrative that will act as the motivator for some of the characters to keep on fighting through their own storylines, mainly Bill Rizer's.

In this version, Colonel Bloodaxe (who plays a similar role as General Hal) was Bill's tutor-in-arms. He had a daughter named Melinda with whom Bill had a romantic relationship. In time, Bill surpassed all expectations and became a skilled warrior, becoming Bloodaxe's right hand man. However, one day, Melinda went missing and Bill dedicated his spare time to try to track her down, but also without neglecting his military duties.

Bloodaxe was eventually put in charge of the GX Army training facility. However, not long after this, suspicious circumstances were detected in the camp and Bill was sent in to investigate. Upon his arrival, Bill saw the camp engulfed in flames, with deranged recruits going on a rampage, killing everyone on sight and destroying their own base. Bill's helicopter landed on a hillside, when the Colonel suddenly emerged with a distorted expression and started to open fire on the aircraft. Having no other option, Bill's forces had to return fire and a terrible battle then unleashed between both groups.

Almost being the last men remaining on the battlefield, and both almost out of bullets, Bill and Bloodaxe engaged in hand-to-hand combat, the Colonel using his battle ax and Bill his trusty military knife. The fight was won in Bill's favor, who managed to plunge his knife into the Colonel's chest. Fatally wounded, the Colonel briefly came back to his senses and asked Bill to promise him to find Melinda at all costs.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

The GX Army is stated to be involved with Operation Galuga. First Lieutenant Stanley Ironside is sent to investigate Galuga Island, where he eventually meets up with the Contra Unit and fights alongside Majors Bill Rizer and Lance Bean.

The GX Army logo consists of a saber-toothed tiger's head with the full name "Generation-X" etched above and a large X with "army" below the tiger. Common Privates primarily wear green uniforms.


As the Contra Unit battles their way through numerous Red Falcon facilities, Stanley scours the island in hopes of finding his missing unit. After Contra digs up information on an Unknown Artifact, Stanley finds the GX Army battling monsters on a train. Contra soon joins Stanley in raiding the train but it is too late, the GX units have all sided with Red Falcon, being brainwashed "zombies" under Red Falcon's control. Stanley becomes swarmed by alien units and is forced to separate away from the Contra Unit, meanwhile the latter takes care of the remaining enemy forces onboard the train.

The GX Army appears as enemy troops during Stage 5. They are effectively recolors of Red Falcon soldiers.

Known members[]

List of known members of the GX Army who have appeared throughout different timelines and universes featured in the Contra series.




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