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A Fuel Barrel[1] is a recurring obstacle featured in the Contra series.


Fuel Barrels are crimson colored oil drums that ignite and explode when enough damage is delivered to them. Their explosion is usually non-lethal to the player characters, but can prove deadly to enemies and obstacles near it.


Contra Force[]

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Neo Contra[]

Explosive containers appear as silver canisters with either red or green lighting at their lid sections. Barrels appear throughout various stages:

  • Barrels are tossed by a Vehicle pilot during the Velociraptor section of Mission 02. The way their behavior acts when tossed resembles Darr.
  • Within Mission 03, some appear during the boulder-filled pathways, and are conveniently placed behind enemy soldiers. If damaged by enough gunfire, they explode, causing anyone nearby to become engulfed in flames.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

Fuel Barrels are orange colored drums that explode when heavily damaged. Each drum counts toward a small portion of a stage's Hit Rate.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

Colored a more darker red, these drums are identical to previous counterparts. The Super Tackle action can cause a barrel to explode instantly, destroying even nearby platforms stationed above it.