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Not to be confused with Freya.

The abyss is where the soul sinks.
~ Freyr in Contra Returns

Freyr is a playable character in Contra Returns.


Freyr was one of the first people to be sent to the Void by Dr. J. In the Dark Dream World, Freyr mastered the spirit attack and become the fearsome Lord of Abyss.
~ In-game description

"Brother, what's the matter with you?" The younger sister looked at her brother with a bruised nose and swollen face, and touched his injured place distressedly.

"It's okay, no problem."

The younger sister lowered her head and guessed: "It's for me again, isn't it? Forget it, don't go to brother again."

The elder brother was said to be the center of the matter, so he laughed dryly.

The brother and sister were commoners in World E-137. The younger sister was congenitally deficient and had extremely weak heart and lung function, but their family could afford the huge medical expenses. Her brother had no choice but to queue up for the free clinic arranged by Sora, but it was always overcrowded and returned without success. This time, fortunately, a kind-hearted person gave him the number, but it was snatched away by a few big men. It was useless to argue, and he was beaten to the ground because of it.

The elder brother never told his younger sister about these things. He tried to change the subject and glanced at the things in his younger sister's hand, "Freya, what are you looking at?"

"This was the book sister Lu gave me. She was very kind to me." The younger sister, Freya, flipped through the mechanical knowledge in the book, her eyes full of longing and enthusiasm. The eccentric younger sister had always been very talented in this area, and once independently created a mechanical pet that could fly.

It didn't take long for the weak younger sister to feel tired, so her brother arranged for her to lie down and rest until she fell into a deep sleep.

"Have you made up your mind?" Lu did not know when she appeared at the door, "Otherwise I would try again and persuade Dad..."

"Freya's illness is getting worse and worse, and she can't last long. I... have no choice." Her brother stood up and said solemnly, "Thank you for taking care of me during these days."

"Brother, don't go, I've got you." The younger sister suddenly stopped him.

The elder brother turned around in astonishment, but Freya hadn't woken up, she was just talking in her sleep. She stretched out her hand and gently pinched the corner of her brother's clothes, with a smile on her sweet face.

She must had dreamed again of their childhood favorite hide-and-seek game. The elder brother was thinking, lovingly looking at her who was sleeping infinitely. At that time, he would always deliberately expose his whereabouts to cheer up his sister.

"Brother..." Freya frowned, her body suddenly began to twitch, and the severe pain suddenly spread. This familiar ailment failed to wake her up, her eyes were still closed, she was panting hard, the signals transmitted by her nerves merged with dream and reality, and she kept talking in her sleep: "Brother... so uncomfortable..."

"Freya..." The elder brother slowly removed her hand holding the corner of his clothes, and seeing her being tortured, he became more determined, "Freya, you would feel better soon, when you get better, we will go home."

He walked out of the room.

At the end of the corridor was a laboratory. The brother saw Dr. J sitting on the edge of the purification cabin, staring at himself and Lu next to him with an unpredictable expression.


The battle was over, but there was still a Puppet Army squad that took the prisoner and escaped in the chaos. The Soul troops chased after days to rescue the prisoner.

Bill took out a cigar, turned it slowly, preheated it with a match, cut off the cap, and took a deep breath. This was the most relaxing moment after the war.

On the edge of the cliff not far away, a brown-haired girl was sitting on a suspended aircraft, thinking about those things that no one knows, and the picture in her mind was flying——

——In the empty playground, the little girl was wearing a yellow batik floral dress, her figure was elongated in the setting sun, and the black and white adults came and went, but they all had indifferent faces. Immediately afterward, a boy walked up to her. He smiled and handed her her beloved teddy bear doll, which was the only warm color in memory. Then the boy's smile got farther and farther away, and the girl desperately chased after him, but his figure suddenly disappeared.

"Elder brother..."

Bill heard her dreamy lips.

That was the mysterious girl they met on the way, and they promised to help her find her relatives.

Bill stood up and looked down. Over the mountain was a deep valley, with snake-like ridges winding and entangled, with mottled light spots in the valley, deep and curved grooves etched on the ground, filled with shining crystals. According to Colonel Duncan, those spots of light were called spirit shards, which were the aggregates of the thoughts of the dead in the Void and Illusion, and contained powerful spiritual power. The crystals on the ground were the high-tech black cores in the Void and Illusion, and they were the source of ordnance materials for the Puppet Army to kill and destroy.

The morning light was faint, and the sky began to turn white.

"Your brother should be there, we've seen him." Bill pointed away.

A thin haze rose from the gloomy valley. From this perspective, one could vaguely see the Puppet Army team escorting the prisoner through the dense forest in front of the valley.

"Costa, stop." A black-faced strong man took off his pith hat and fanned himself, and said to the Puppet soldiers leading the way: "I had seen this route. Do you know where it was further on?"

Costa replied: "Diego, calm down, it's a new base that nobody bothers."

Diego's face darkened, he quickly pulled out his pistol, and said angrily, "Bastard, Costa, you little bastard from the scout battalion, you want to kill us?" He pressed the trigger with his finger and roared, "New base! A joke! Those are Dark Dreams..." Before he could finish speaking those four words, he felt a shiver in his body.

Dark Dream Abyss.

The most mysterious and unstable space in the Void and Illusion was also the most terrifying forbidden place.

Legend has it that there was an evil ghost dormant there—that was the Lord of Abyss, just like Ares in the fairy tales, bloodthirsty and ferocious, and no one could leave alive after seeing it.

When the other soldiers heard these words, there was commotion, "Costa, you said you would take us to a safe place, but I didn't expect it to be a Dark Dream... Damn it, I don't want to go there, you die yourself if you want to."

Costa said angrily: "The stronghold was gone. Do you think we little guys could count on other bases to take us in? Only by going to the Abyss to find energy sources and upgrading equipment could we survive. Hmph, what Abyss masters were all other armies in order to monopolize the black core, the deceitful lies fabricated..."

Before they could quarrel, the surroundings suddenly became silent, and even the sound of insects in the dense forest disappeared inexplicably.

In the bushes, there was a gust of cold wind.

Costa saw Diego staring into the distance in horror, and the direction of his gun also changed. They looked together - and saw a cloud of misty light and mist appearing on the other side of the valley not far away, approaching them continuously, with stars dotted like fireflies.

Costa boldly approached, only to find that surrounded by firefly-like starlight was a human figure in simple armor.

The man was floating in the air, as if he had no soul to return to, the Puppet Army gasped.

"Get out." The human figure was unstoppable, flickering and shaking, suddenly turned into a mass of faint blue flames, engulfing its true face.

"The Lord of Abyss! The Lord of Abyss!" Diego was startled and frightened, screamed repeatedly, and pulled the trigger in a panic——

"Stop!" Costa hurriedly stopped, but it was too late.


Continuous wailing came from afar from the dense forest.

"Brother!" The girl yelled with concern, driving the aircraft forward quickly.

Bill spit out his cigar and hastened his pace.

The "Lord of Abyss" that appeared out of nowhere had already blocked the retreat of the Puppet Army. After being attacked by Diego, the "flame" on his body was fueled by anger, gathering dazzling light, and the energy in the flame burst out in all directions. Invincible, the soldiers who fired were instantly shattered.

Taking advantage of the chaos, the prisoner of the Puppet Army untied his shackles and ran to the valley without a way to retreat. There were many spiritual shards floating in the valley, and there were countless black cores on the ground.

With a "bang", the energy beam exploded in the valley, and the prisoner rolled to avoid the impact. It turned out that the Puppet Army was almost slaughtered, and the Lord of Abyss had returned to the valley to hunt down and kill the rest.

"Stop! Stop! I'm Alan from the Jackal Squad, not a soldier of the Puppet Army!" The captive yelled quickly.

The Lord of Abyss' offensive stopped suddenly. Not long ago, a group of people also visited, claiming to be from the Soul Army and Jackal Squad. The armor on him was built with the help of Lance from the Soul Army. Stable mental strength.

Lan Youyou's flames gradually extinguished, and he regained his human form, and he seemed familiar: "Allen..."

Allen also noticed, "I seem to... where have I seen you?"

"You...know me?" The Lord of Abyss hesitated, "Who am I... and who are you?" Only some vague fragments emerged, and he couldn't remember anything.

"I remember!" Allen said excitedly, "I met you at Sora Corp, your name... your name is Freyr! Right?"

"My name is Freyr..." The Lord of Abyss was contemplating, the vague shadow in his mind seemed to be getting closer, but he couldn't catch it anyway, "Freyr...?"

"Did you forget? At that time, Sora's free clinic, you couldn't get a number. I gave it to you, remember? I also waited for a long time, but my dad just died at that time..."

Allen recalled the past and babbled, but he didn't notice that Freyr's expression became more and more dignified, and the energy fluctuations on his body flickered.

Freyr looked pained, closed his eyes, and murmured: "Sora... Fre... Fre... ya?" He just felt that there must be information that was extremely important to him, there must be something... that was important to him. For a person whose words were very important, the truth was obviously getting closer, but he couldn't see it clearly.

Freyr let out a violent roar, and transformed into a faint blue flame again, this time the condensed light was more intense, and the armor "sneered", and several cracks appeared unexpectedly.

"Freyr? Freyr?" Allen felt that the other party's emotions and strength were not stable, so he couldn't help but take a few steps back in fear.

Freyr opened his eyes suddenly, showing a fierce light, and squeezed Allen's neck!

The images in his mind were tumbling, and the scene of being bullied in the past swept over. He only felt that the world was full of malice to him, and he couldn't escape. He roared again and threw Allen away violently.

"Damn it... you all should die! Kill, I'll kill you!" Freyr was in such pain that he couldn't tell who was in front of him, and the energy waves in his hands condensed——

"Freyr, stop!" Bill and Lance's voice suddenly sounded.

The Soul troops and his party appeared in the valley.

"We have... retrieved your memory."


"Lie in." Dr. J pointed to the cabin of purification, "Since you promised to help me complete the experiment in the Void and Illusion, I would also follow the promise and cure your sister Freya."

The electric current began to stimulate the nerve endings of the brother Freyr, and the severe pain almost tore him apart. No matter how tough Freyr was, he couldn't help but let out a heart-piercing scream.

"Dad, stop!" Lu hurriedly stopped, Dr. J ordered, and the bodyguards on both sides stepped forward to hold him down.

"What was this pain compared to your sister's illness, Freyr?" Dr. J smiled.

That's right, compared to Freya's illness, what was this pain? Freyr gritted his teeth and swallowed the scream. He believed that what he endured at this time was just in exchange for the rest of his sister's normal life.

Suddenly, the surroundings fell into boundless darkness, the purification cabin disappeared, and Dr. J and Lu also disappeared.

He came to a mysterious land. This was what Dr. J was talking about... the Void?

The breadth of space could not be seen in front of his eyes, nor the dimension of time could be felt, only infinite chaos and endless emptiness.

His consciousness was intertwined and chaotic, and the memories of the past seemed to be swallowed up in this darkness. There seemed to be a burst of energy in his body, and the severe pain of being torn apart was indescribable. He screamed again, but couldn't hear anything.

He had been struggling in severe pain, and he didn't know how long it took before finally a piece of light penetrated into the darkness, and he suddenly saw Freya's figure!

"Freya!" he shouted and ran toward her, and the younger sister also called to her brother and ran toward him.

Suddenly, the energy in Freyr's body expanded rapidly. Just as he was about to hold Freya's hand, his consciousness was shattered in an instant, and he turned into ashes in front of his sister.

——Freyr was not dead. Relying on his strong willpower, he continuously condensed the fragmented consciousness, and finally reassembled into a spiritual body.

In this way, as the first batch of visitors, under the control of the creator, Freyr and the Void and Illusion were slowly reconstructed from the most unstable and chaotic initial state, and shaped into form.

In the Void and Illusion, he witnessed the miracle of creation, witnessed the birth of the Red Fortress and different spaces, and witnessed the AI written by Dr. J grow from scratch and perform its duties. During this long process, he became a wandering soul, exiled himself into the Abyss of Dark Dreams, and forgot his identity and purpose. He only remembered that there was a vaguely important relative in his life, but he forgot that in a moment, almost took her hand.

He became the Lord of Abyss, constantly absorbing the spiritual power of the dead in the Void and Illusion, becoming stronger, more violent and manic, as if only in this way could he vent his lost pain.

He had been wandering in the Abyss, searching for the truth of the past, and the identity of his closest relatives—and at this moment, the Soul Army finally brought all these to his side.

However, in the past that Bill Lance stated, there were many details that Freyr could not recall, except for the dearest relative who was concerned.

"Fre... ya?"

The Soul troops made way, and the brown-haired girl slowly appeared. The aircraft moved in the direction of Freyr.

"Elder brother."

Freyr looked at her in disbelief, and the blurred pictures in his mind continued to outline clear outlines. Many years ago, he pushed his sister's wheelchair and traveled to every corner of the world to find a cure for her.

The girl on the aircraft had grown up quite a bit, with facial features, vaguely still the appearance of the sister in the wheelchair.

Surrounded by a few flying mechanical companions, yes, she used to like to play with these things the most.

"Freya?" Freyr held out his hand.

——Without warning, a grenade was shot from afar and exploded on Freyr!

A Puppet soldier disappeared in the woods in the distance—that was Costa, and he was not dead yet!

"What Lord of Abyss, go to hell, idiot!"

He yelled grinningly, the howitzer in his hand was shining with the color of the black core in the valley. It was obviously modified temporarily, and the grenades greeted Freyr one after another.

Forced by the explosion, the Soul troops dispersed one after another, and Freya called her brother's name loudly. She saw the smoke and dust billowing, and a line of energy sprayed out from the dust mist. Costa let out a scream, and his whole body's essence and blood seemed to be exhausted, and his body gradually shriveled.

"Oops." Bill looked serious.

As the smoke dissipated, the energy on Freyr's body was erratic, and the armor that controlled the power had already been torn apart.

Freyr roared in pain. His emotions and consciousness, which had finally stabilized, were disturbed by the bombing and became chaotic again. His body seemed to be magnetized. In the valley, countless spiritual shards were rapidly absorbed into his body, like a whirlpool. The field of the universe was constantly expanding and expanding, and the scene was magnificent and terrifying, just like a black hole devouring the stars in the universe.

"Lance, how long would it take to build another armor?" Bill frowned.

"It's too late, let's prepare for a tough battle first."

A huge energy wave was condensed in the hands of the confused Freyr. If he wanted to destroy the world, there was an ear-splitting roar in the valley, and several cracks appeared on the rock wall. The people of the Soul Army scattered around the Abyss, waiting in full force.

Only the girl in the flying machine approached Freyr, who was running amok, without fear.

"Get out of the way, your brother is in danger!" Bill yelled.

Freya, as if unknown, broke into the wind pressure caused by the energy wave, and the mechanical pets surrounding her projected defensive shields.

She didn't hesitate.

The elder brother had always been gentle, and the elder brother was not dangerous at all.

A long time ago, she was in poor health and often stayed in bed, and no one of her age was willing to play with her. Only brother Freyr was always by her side, playing hide-and-seek with her, and helping her find parts for making machinery... He liked to take her to the amusement park to eat ice cream, and take her to ride the Ferris wheel and watch the sky filled with stars.

In order to cure her illness, her parents went bankrupt. That night, they whispered that she was an unlucky girl and they were going to abandon her the next day. She heard it but didn't cry, and stayed silently in the amusement park the next day.

Because she knew that her brother would definitely find her, no matter at what cost.

Even if they were smashed to pieces, they wouldn't stay away from each other. This was the agreement that they pulled the hook.

She broke into the air curtain emitted by Freyr, and the hot air pressure hit like electricity. The aircraft and her mechanical pets were disturbed by this energy, and the system was on the verge of collapse. She stood up and stretched out her hand stubbornly, just a few feet away from her brother.

The surroundings became quiet, and everyone's breathing seemed to had stopped.

Many years ago, her brother traveled many roads just to find a cure for her. This time, she came from reality to the Void, just for the promise between a brother and sister.

Freyr glared at Freya, and strange emotions suddenly seeped from the bottom of his heart like an oasis spring—the yellowed batik skirt, the abandoned teddy bear, the night on the Ferris wheel... those silhouettes, one piece after another, in his heart consciousness continued to collage. The faint blue flames on his body gradually extinguished, and the energy waves gradually dimmed.

Freya touched Freyr's face distorted by pain, and said softly:

"Brother, I won't feel bad soon. When you get better, let's go home."

The long-lost emotions finally burst out. The figure of the girl in his eyes overlapped with the loved one in his memory. Freyr knelt down and held her hand.

"Freya, don't go, I've got you." He remembered the scene when he first met his sister in the Void and Illusion, and he turned into flying ash.

"This time, I won't let go."


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