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Not to be confused with Freyr.

Have you been obedient today?
~ Freya in Contra Returns

Freya is a playable character in Contra Returns.


Freyr's younger sister, she's quirky and a master of making mechanical pets. Freya parted with her brother when she was transported to the Void. She then built herself an aircraft - the Electriferous UFO - which she journeys in while searching for her brother.
~ In-game description
(1) Paradise Lost

The sun was faltering in the west, and the shadow of the Ferris wheel on the ground was elongated by the afterglow, spreading to the swing frame not far away. The girl on the swing sensed the shadows, jumped down and changed positions, and sat toward the place where the light remained.

This thin girl was wearing a small plain batik floral dress, her brown hair was pinned with a delicate butterfly hairpin, her pale and delicate face was full of tiredness, she was holding a teddy bear doll full of patches in her arms, with hovering a mechanical pet with vibrating wings.

The girl stared blankly at the Ferris wheel turning slowly.

This was the largest Ferris wheel in the city, and it took half an hour to turn around.

Fifty-six laps, she counted silently in her heart.

When she was young, she used to sit on the Ferris wheel with her brother, watching the sun go down, the city lights lit up one by one in the dark night, the stars gradually appeared, and a bright golden planet would rise from the sky. With a magnification telescope, one could vaguely see the star rings around the planet, which were dazzling.

Now, she was tired of counting the turns of the Ferris wheel, and began to look into the vast sky, looking for the position of the planet.

"Next to Ophiuchus is Saturn." An old man in a suit and leather shoes suddenly sat on the swing next to the little girl, "Today is a good day. Saturn is at opposition and rising from the east. This is its biggest and brightest time in the year." The man pointed to the east, "In astronomy, there is a word called the Roche limit, which is the shortest distance between a planet and a satellite to maintain safety. Once the Roche limit is exceeded, the tidal force will tear the satellite into pieces, and then shatter it. The satellites will turn into stardust, gradually gather around the planet, and evolve into a ring, encircling the planet—just like Saturn." He took out a pendant in the shape of Saturn from his arms, and rubbed it, as if he remembered something.

The little girl read it in a book, and writers with delicate emotions liked to write this cold astronomical term into literary works, package it into warm images, and use it to chant the precious emotions in the world-there was always someone who would rather die than die for the precious people leave eternal protection and embrace.

The last ray of afterglow disappeared in the amusement park, and night befell, the evening wind blew soundlessly, and the girl trembled all over.

Another day was coming.

"Where are your parents?" the old man asked.

The little girl hugged the teddy bear tightly without looking up or speaking. The mechanical pet flying in the air staggered and circled above her head, as if it would soon be exhausted.

The man looked at the mechanical pet, his eyes lit up, "This is a bionic flying robot, not a propeller-type propulsion device, just like a fruit fly, with a perfect skeleton structure that overcomes the differences in mass and air resistance. But, just..."

"It's just that the endurance is a little bit worse." The little girl added. She looked at the old man with great interest, "Sir, do you also know about this?" Once talking about the machine, the face that had lost all color immediately turned a sickly blush.

"I work at Sora Corp, and I'm a professional. They call me Dr. J." The old man said with a smile, suddenly remembered something, and looked down at her in surprise, "Could it be... you made this?"

The little girl nodded, showing a sly smile.

"Genius." Dr. J praised. This little girl doesn't seem to be more than ten years old, but she was actually more spiritual than many Sora scientific researchers.

The mechanical pet fell to the ground limply and broke into pieces. The little girl stared blankly at the wreckage on the ground. This mechanical pet was made with the material her brother collected for her.

"Mom and Dad... went to buy me ice cream." The little girl said suddenly, she was swinging weakly on the swing, her body shivering in the night wind, "They had worked very hard during this time."

"It seems that they won't come back to look for you." Dr. J said.

"They will come for me." The girl retorted.

"I know you've been sitting here for almost thirty hours..." The man shook his head and sighed, "Your body is so weak, I really don't understand, what kind of faith do you rely on..."

"They will come for me, for sure." The girl gritted her teeth and said stubbornly, looking away from the wreckage on the ground, and hugged the teddy bear in her arms.

After saying this, she gently leaned on the swing frame and fell into a coma, her body trembling slightly due to the heart and lung pain. The teddy bear slipped from her arms and fell to the ground, screaming "squeak".

"Brother will come to find me, for sure." The girl murmured in a low voice that only she could hear clearly.

"Soon there won't be any more pain, good boy." Dr. J gently picked her up and murmured, "As long as you reach the Void..."

The next day.

Freyr rushed to the amusement park and found the teddy bear in the garbage dump - there was a signal transmitter device in it, with which he could locate his sister at any time.

"Freya!" He searched around, searched every corner of the amusement park and nearby, until exhausted, he sat on the ground panting.

He had not eaten for a long time.

A few days ago, he had been queuing up for the free clinic organized by Imma Sloan of Sora Corp, but returned without success again.

"Freya... come out, brother will take you home." Freyr said to himself helplessly.

Home... do they still had a home? He smiled wryly in his heart.

Freya had a serious illness since she was a child, and her parents couldn't afford her huge medical expenses, so they cruelly... abandoned her in the amusement park.

"Are you Frey?" A girl suddenly appeared in front of him, "I know where your sister is."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Lu, and I'm Dr. J's daughter."

(2) Laboratory

A dozen years ago.

"The alternating electromagnetic field had cut off the brain's nerve transmission." With the help of his assistant, Dr. J tapped the keyboard quickly, "The most critical step is... upload the consciousness of the experimental mouse."

Pressing the last button, countless signal components and circuit boards circulated light in the laboratory, and the sound of "beep beep beep" was like insects under the stars in the dark night. Dr. J clutched the Saturn pendant nervously. On the screen, the AI Persian cat he wrote was sleeping soundly, and a little white mouse appeared in front of the Persian cat out of thin air.

"Consciousness uploaded successfully."

The Crystal Nucleus used to absorb spiritual energy in the center of the laboratory seemed to have an extremely weak fluorescence that flickered away.

"It was detected that the experimental subject produced a large amount of corticotropin-releasing factor!" The assistant said excitedly, "It seems that our little sweetheart has indeed seen this tabby cat."

Dr. J was sweating profusely, and the hard work in the past few months had not allowed him to fail again. He stared at the little white mouse in the cabin, and the indicators showed that the experimental subject caused a massive surge of hormones due to fear. The little white mouse on the screen was already trembling and running around, but the entity in the cabin was indifferent, all thanks to the perfect nerve cut off.

"Upload three other groups of subjects and let them communicate."

Another tabby cat and two little white mice appeared on the screen. Dr. J wrote the program quickly, with a large amount of interactive data accompanied by complex calculations, everyone held their breath.

Images of gorgeous houses, delicious food, and mouse caves emerged one by one on the screen...

The computer suddenly beeped.

"What's going on? It was detected that the test subject's dopamine and AVP dropped sharply." The assistant said nervously, "What went wrong?"

"Damn it!" Dr. J hammered the keyboard heavily.

The alarm sounded endlessly, the server suddenly went down, and the overloaded data calculation and transmission made the equipment overwhelmed and smoke billowed out.

"The consciousness of the experimental subject was interrupted!" the assistant shouted.

"I know, I know!" Dr. J roared, "Shut up and work!"

"Doctor." Another assistant pointed to the tabby cat and white mouse in the cabin. They had opened their eyes and screamed nervously, but their lower bodies remained motionless.

"The severed nerves had not recovered, and these experimental subjects... had been completely paralyzed."

The 1026th experiment in Void Illusion failed again.

Dr. J took notes on pen, pulled his hair, stared at the Saturn pendant on the table, and sighed in frustration.

A long time.

The little daughter appeared beside her.

"Lu, come and see, Dad is about to succeed." Dr. J smiled bravely.

"Father, let's just give up." Looking at his tired eyes, Lu understood a little bit, and hugged him gently, "Mom is dead."

Dr. J picked up Lu and hung the Saturn pendant on her chest.

"It's okay." Dr. J patted her on the head and said with a smile, "No matter how many years or decades, even if it takes all my heart and soul, I will bring your mother back to us."

——As long as I have more funds and a stronger R&D team, and...

More live human experimenters, he wondered.

"Whether it's Lu or Mom, I won't let you leave me. I will always guard this family... Xinghuan."

Dr. J woke up from his dream, and the images from many years ago gradually disappeared in his mind.

Funding, teamwork... Those visions had already been realized in Sora Corp one by one, and the strange components, electric boards and server equipment in front of him were completely different from the past. What was lacking in more perfect neurotomy, consciousness uploading, real scene construction and brain-computer interaction technology was the guests who visit this world.

"Doctor, the live experimenter has arrived."

Freyr's figure appeared at the door.

"Freyr, lie down in the purification cabin and help me complete the experiment of the Void Illusion. In exchange, I will cure Freya's illness."

(3) Purification cabin

"The doctor has ordered that you can't go in." The assistants took a few steps back with a look of perplexity.

Freya was sitting in a wheelchair, muttering, "I just want to go in and see my brother, he has been in for a long, long time..."

"But the doctor ordered that your operation isn't long after the end, and you need to rest for a few days."

"Let Freya in." Dr. J's voice suddenly came from the intercom.

"Doctor?" The assistant asked in surprise.

"Let her in, I have something for her to look."

Under Dr. J's treatment, Freya's disease had been completely cured, but she got used to being bedridden since she was a child, and she still didn't like to walk, so she still sat in a wheelchair.

However, when Dr. J saw her entering the laboratory, a strange look flashed in his eyes, and he instantly understood, "You hacked our intercom system, and programmed to forge my voice?"

Freya stuck out her tongue and blinked mischievously.

Dr. J had nothing to do with her, shook his head and smiled wryly: "You ghost, you have already played several pranks, and this group of idiots still don't behave well, and you will always be tricked."

Freya looked at the holographic projection of the Void Illusion in a blink of an eye. Freyr in the projection was holding his head, walking around and looking around in confusion. In the purification cabin next to the projection, Freyr laid there quietly, with all kinds of nerve tubes connected to his body.

"Brother..." She stood up from the wheelchair.

"Don't go there, Freya." Dr. J warned, "Forcibly pulling out these nerve tubes will lead to paralysis or death."

Freya pleaded: "Sir, could you stop the experiment and let my brother back?"

Dr. J shook his head: "Good boy, this was a choice voluntarily made by brother for you."

Freya looked at him eagerly, "Doctor, you are a good person, if you could save me, you will definitely let my brother go."

Dr. J leaned down, patted her on the shoulder, and said meaningfully: "The world is fair, Freya. You must know that it was not easy to get treatment from Sora Corp for free. If you can't afford it, then what are the patients who wait outside from morning to night to wait in line for the free clinic, and those poor people who have lost their fortunes for treatment?"

He took out the Saturn pendant, "Do you still remember the Roche limit I told you? To protect you, Freyr would give everything—even if it's broken into pieces. And you... you must cherish this love and stay here living in this world."

He sat back in the chair, turned to the computer, and didn't want to give any more comfort. He just said lightly and emphasized again: "Live, Freya, together with your brother's share."

In this world... do you want to live well?

However, after leaving Sora Corp, she couldn't go anywhere, and couldn't find anyone—it was impossible for her to turn back and wait for the ice cream that could never be bought.

Although she was cured, this world... was already terminally ill.

In the holographic projection, her brother screamed in pain.

Freyr was her dependent family member. Now, in order to treat her sister, he was suffering from great pain in another world. How could she turn a blind eye and selfishly... survive in this cold and cruel world?

Freya approached the projection silently, stretched out her hand to brush the image of her brother convulsed by pain, and her resolute and firm eyes flashed past.

"Doctor, I was just that guarded planet before." She made up her mind, "Now, I want to be that satellite, become... my brother's star ring."

Dr. J looked at her in disbelief, thoughtful.

Before Freyr appeared, she was originally the experimental subject of the Void illusion—if Lu Heng didn't stop her.

Unexpectedly, she would give up this hard-won way of life, willing to take risks in the unknown virtual world?

"Freya, you have to think clearly." Dr. J had no expression.

Freya nodded and walked toward the purification cabin.

"I will go wherever my brother goes. We are each other's only relatives in this world."

(4) Void Illusion

By the time Lu heard the news and broke into the laboratory, it was too late.

Freya's consciousness had been transported to the Void Illusion, where she met her brother.

However, not long after Freyr and Freya reunited in the illusion, the energy in Freyr's body expanded rapidly. The younger sister saw her brother with her own eyes, and he disappeared in front of her.

The Crystal Nucleus in the center of the laboratory seemed to have absorbed huge energy and emitted a dazzling light.

"Dad! Don't continue this experiment, stop!" Lu cried.

"Lu, come and take a look, Dad is about to succeed." Dr. J smiled indifferently.

After his wife died of a serious illness, he had already prepared a cyber body for his beloved wife, but he was still unable to restore her dissipated consciousness.

He had been researching how to make the cyber body had a real sense of life, so he created the cabin of purification, trying to transform the emotions in the human consciousness into the energy in the Crystal Nucleus, and this energy could finally be applied to the cyber body in the process, it had a response that was infinitely close to real life.

And the emotions that erupted when the brothers and sisters met this time really caused the Crystal Nucleus to have a good effect that had never been seen before.

"It's really an interesting feedback. Freyr's consciousness seems to be shattered, but he's still alive and still repairing himself." Dr. J was still discussing with the team, "Freyr's spiritual power is too strong, Looks like our servers aren't loaded enough to read..."

"Dr. J, stop... this damn experiment!" Lu growled.

Dr. J returned to reality, he glanced at his daughter indifferently, "I'm all for this family, Lu." He crossed his fingers on his chest, "But these days, you let me down. Go back and think about it for yourself. Think."

Looking at her father's calm and cold-blooded face, Lu finally recognized his true colors.

"Dad, in order to achieve your goal, you have gone crazy."

You who always talk about the limit of Luoxi, never think about breaking yourself to pieces, but dragging others down with you.

"I won't go back again, I want to leave home, I want to leave Sora completely!" Lu roared irrationally, "I want to join the Rebel Army!"

After hearing the words "Rebel Army", time seemed to stand still, and no one dared to make a sound.

Dr. J raised his eyebrows slightly, and was silent for a while, with a terribly gloomy expression.

"I won't let you disobey me, I won't let you leave my side."

Years later.

Dr. J expanded the space world of Void Illusion.

While observing everyone's movement in the illusion through the holographic projection.

After Freyr dissipated, Freya continued to look for her brother in the Void Illusion. At that time, there were no Wolf squads or Puppet troops. The illusion was not bound by reality and physics, and it was very suitable for her imagination to fly. She made many mechanical companions, and made herself a flying machine, wandering around in the Void Illusion.

Later, she met the Soul Army, and finally reunited with her brother in the Abyss of Dark Dreams.

The Crystal Nucleus emitted light again.

"Lu, come and take a look, Dad is about to succeed." Dr. J smiled lightly.

The laboratory was quiet, no one approached, and no one answered.

He looked behind lonely - it was a cyber female warrior, her long black hair was tied up with a jade hairpin, and the blood-colored sword was pinned between her kimono, giving off a faint cold light. The female samurai stared blankly ahead, without any emotion on her face, and a strange color seemed to slip through her crimson mechanical eyes.

This cyber female warrior was captured from the Rebel Army, and Dr. J personally sent her to the operating table for transformation. If it was already the last guard of the City of Ashes.

"Lu, Dad is about to succeed..." Dr. J's computer issued an instruction.

The female samurai Lu, who received the order, stepped forward and hugged him gently, just like when she was a child.

He finally had a daughter who would never leave him, never disobey him again.


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