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The Four-legged Robot (四つ足ロボ Yottsu Ashi Robo?) is a miniboss in the Contra series. It is a multi-legged robot that spins its limbs like blades to deal with ground enemies.


The Four-legged Robot is the first miniboss encountered in Contra: Hard Corps. It makes its introduction by smashing out from a building's wall and then proceeds to use a flamethrower on its head, which it spins around once to deal with any surrounding enemies. Afterward, it will position itself on the left side of the screen and start spinning its limbs at great speed as if they were fan blades, and charge forward to deal with any ground opposition.

It is not particularly resilient, though, and will begin to catch fire after sustaining enough damage, at which point it will perform one last charge, crashing onto an adjacent building and making it tip over, allowing the player to progress further into the level as a result.


Attack Description
Flamethrower spin
Emits a short clockwise spin of flames from its head that extends a short-medium distance.
Charge attack
Charges toward the player by rapidly spinning its limbs. Due to being a ground attack, jumping will easily evade it. Performs this attack once more when at critically low health.

See also[]

  • Fat Man - Another four-legged robot boss.
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