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Fortress in the Ice, also known as Ice Fortress, is a music theme originally composed for Contra. It is the background theme for Stage 5, Snow Field. A remix later appeared in Operation C for Area 4 and Contra Returns.


  • The theme "Thanks for the Ride" from Contra: Operation Galuga contains excerpts from both "Thunder Landing" (originally from Super Contra) and "Fortress in the Ice", in roughly equal length: "Thunder Landing" in the opening and closing sections (before the track loops), and "Fortress in the Ice" in the middle section. However, the track ambience, percussion and underlying rhythm are closer to "Fortress in the Ice".


Title Game Stage Audio Usage
Fortress in the Ice Contra (arcade) Snow Field BGM
Ice Fortress Contra (NES) Snow Field BGM
Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Mix) Ice Train
Ice Fortress Contra (MSX2) Tundra Area BGM
Fortress in the Ice Operation C Area 4 BGM
Ice Fortress Contra: Evolution Snow Field BGM
Thanks for the Ride Contra: Operation Galuga Ice Train BGM
Remix with "Thunder Landing"
Snow & Mechanica Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Remix) Ice Train BGM