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Fortress in the Fire, also known as Flame Fortress or Hanger,[sic] is a music theme originally composed for Contra. It is the background theme for Stage 6, Energy Zone, and Stage 7, Hangar Zone (the latter only in the arcade version).

A remix later appeared in Operation C for Area 5, and Contra Returns.

Contra: Operation Galuga features two versions of this theme that are played at different points of the same stage in the main game, as well as two extra remixes of it.


Title Game Stage Audio Usage
Hanger[sic] Contra (arcade) Energy Zone
Hangar Zone
Flame Fortress Contra (NES)
Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Mix)
Energy Zone

Contra: Operation Galuga
Flame Fortress Contra (MSX2) Energy Zone
Magma Area (both)
Energy Zone Operation C Area 5 BGM
Flame Fortress Contra: Evolution Energy Zone BGM
Contra Returns
Rolling Out the Red Carpet Contra: Operation Galuga Lab (section up to rotators) BGM
Only the Beginning Contra: Operation Galuga Lab (section after rotators) BGM
Zoned Out Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Remix) Lab BGM


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